Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Birthday Calendar

This is one of my favorite gifts to give. It seems like calendars are a fun gift for Christmas, so why not give them a calendar that lasts more than one year! It is also nice because all of your birthdays are in one place and you don't have transfer them every year. I used a lot of stamps, but you don't have too. You could make all the months look the same or use decorative paper instead of stamps and just have the colors resemble the season.

I made the calendar on my computer and just printed them off onto white cardstock, two to a page, changing the number of days and the month. The then use colored cardstock (8 1/2 X 11) and cut it in half length wise. I then used notebook rings to hold the calendar together.


Jen said...

I love this idea and am excited to make them for some gifts this year! Thanks for sharing this! Love all the crafts on your blog!!!!

JAEAEAJ said...

Just saw your calendar I love it! Wondering if you could email me the template. I have been looking for something like this but this is the first one I have seen