Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cake stand

As I was looking through blogs, I saw a cute idea to make your own cake stand. So I headed to the dollar store and picked up these two items.
I didn't really care for the texture on the candlestick, so I spray painted it brown

I first started with the plate. I loved the color of the plate, but it wasn't too exciting. So I added some rub-ons onto the plate to give it a little more personality. To add the rub-ons, place them directly onto the plate and rub with a stick until the image is completely transfered. These were just normal rub-ons.

To adhere the candlestick to the plate use a silicone sealer or E6000

Now I guess I should start baking cakes :)


Katie said...

Oh wow, I've seen those cake stands around too but yours has a fun twist on it. They are normall of clear glass. I love the color scheme you chose and the rub ons are such a fun touch and really make this piece. Great job.

Earl's Daughter said...

Wonderful project! Do you think the rub ons would be problematic when cutting the cake or washing the cake stand? Too cute!

Kaysi said...

I have no clue about the rub ons, when I do use it, I'm going to be very careful and hand wash it to make sure that it doesn't damage the flowers.