Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Whatever Wednesday: Thank You Cards

Today is the day that will change from week to week. I may not even post at all, depending on the week. Wednesdays are for projects and crafts that I do that are cute ideas but really don't need much explaining, or maybe I'll post pictures of crafts that I want to do from other blogs. Who knows, that's why it's called Whatever Wednesday :).

For baby showers I'm the person that gives the "weird" and not standard baby gifts. I give a photo box, a mini scrapbook and then a package of thank you cards. I usually make about 20 of the same card, but for one of my good friends that is having a baby soon, I decided to change it up a little bit and make several different cards for her. So here they are:

Tip: If you want to save on money but not lose color, use cheap white card stock (I get mine from Sam's Club) as the outside and then put a 4"x5 1/4" piece of colored paper over it. That way you can get four pieces out of one sheet of paper instead of just two, plus you get a layered look too!


Danielle said...

These are very cute! Thanks for the ideas :)

The Fischer Family said...

Very cute! I'm lovin' my Cricut for this because it makes making cards a cinch! I love the idea of giving some as a baby shower gift, because you always have lots of people to thank after having a baby!