Thursday, April 15, 2010

Scrapbook Thursday

To a lot of people, today really doesn't have very much meaning. But our family, it has a whole lot of meaning. Today is tax day and with my husband being an accountant, it means that we get our life back. My boys get their daddy back!! I'm so excited that tax season is finally over!!

Now onto the scrapbook layout. So this week I was having a hard time decided what to do. I was stumped for any good ideas. I find that when I can't figure out what to do, it's great to just go back through previous scrapbooks. My 5 year old wanted to look at his baby book, so we of course had to get out everyone's. It made me feel really good about scrapbooking because lately I have been feeling like a slacker. Sometimes it's just fun to go back through them!

So anyway, I found this idea from my youngest's baby book and thought that I would use it again. I actually reuse a lot of my ideas. Who needs something new every time, I know that I don't and that's it's really hard to come up with something every page.

This is a very simple page, I just took some ribbon and put it on an inch strip, inked and distressed the edges and then added buttons. That's about it!
Here the buttons of various colors and sizes
I then took the ribbon and tried some white string on it to add to one of the pictures
I hope that everyone has a great tax day, as for me and my family we are heading out tomorrow for a much needed vacation!!


Christy said...

I love this page, the colors, and the arrangments of the photos are precious. ...and everything is better with buttons...a life philosphy I think we should all adopt!

Melissa @ Domestic Goddess In Training said...

I feel your pain! Mine is an auditor, so the time frame is a little different...but I totally understand =)

The Harris Family said...

Cute page! We are also so excited for tax season to be over (even more excited that its our last one). Have fun on your vacation!

Amy B said...

I really like seeing your page layouts. I get hung up on the decoration and all the space needing to be filled and it takes me away from the important part-the PICTURES. Your layouts are great because they remind me that that you can add some decorations and keep the moments the focal point! Thanks for the inspiration :)

Scrappy Gifts said...

love the colors and distressing and the cute ribbon. Glad you're getting your husband back!

Lisa said...

Congrats on the end of busy season! My best friend is an accountant, so we don't really get to talk from January to April lol... as a matter of fact, when I got married, she was the maid of honor, so my wedding date was picked to specifically be after tax day lol... we got married at the end of April instead of the beginning. :P

I'll be back Monday to check out your linky thing you were talking about! (And I'll have a post ready to link to!)

Meet Virginia said...

Too cute! I wish I had the patience to scrapbook!

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Meet Virginia!

CJ {Pink Tea} said...

Kaysi. I saw you on New Friend Friday, but I am already a fan. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.