Sunday, May 30, 2010

Motivate me Monday show offs and a giveaway (closed)

Happy Memorial Day Weekend. I hope that you are all having a great week!! Because it's a holiday, I thought that I would take a week off and not have Motivate me Monday this week. But make sure you come back next week and link up all of your crafts!!

Instead I thought that I would do a little giveaway. I am going to give away 2 months (June and July) of advertising on my blog! My current sponsors can also enter to win!!

What do you get? Well you get your button on my main blog and then I will write a post featuring your projects. This can be for a blog (or an etsy shop). This will get you some more traffic and new followers to your blog :)

All you have to do:
1) Leave me a comment with a link to your blog and your email address
2) Be or become a follower
3) Add my new button to you sidebar

Please leave a separate comment on this post for each entry. Good luck!

I'm ending this on Wednesday, June 2 at 12:00pm (cst). Hopefully by that night, I will have the new button on my blog

And now here are some of my favorites from last week:

Brandy from Home Sweet Home made this out of cardstock and contact paper!!

Ela from Life in my PJ"s made this magnetic board out of a pizza pan!!
Pat from Junk Blossoms made this from a little stand and shutters, amazing!
Allison from Oopsey Daisy made this adorable Mr. Potato Head!
Ashley from Simply Designing made pretend makeup for her little girl, so check out how she did it!

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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Scrapbook Thursday

Wow, this is really late today. We had really nice weather this morning, so I thought that I should take advantage of it before it gets to hot. So I took the boys to the park!

I'm really trying to get caught up on scrapbooking, so I really am going for simple. I really just want to get them in the book. I haven't even put any embellishments on it and don't plan too. :)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Link Parties!

I love all the link parties. Here is the list that I usually link at, but I know that there are more. So if you have a link party (or know of one)... please let me know so I can add you to my list and start linking to your party!!

Also, here is a list of some fun craft blogs that I look at. If you would like to have your button on my list, just send me an email or leave a comment with your blog and button.

Have a happy Wednesday!

Whatever Wednesday: Ribbon clip holder

A couple weeks back I went to a baby shower, so I made her this cute clip holder for her little girl. If was really simple to make and only took about 15 minutes. I just took some wood, stapled some fabric to it and then stapled some ribbon over the fabric. It was that easy and now she has a cute way to store all of those fun clips!!

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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Painted Counter tops

This post contains affiliate links.

I have already posted this, but that is when I had about 30 followers. So I'm posting it again. I thought that this would be a great project to do for Memorial Day weekend

Before: After:
I always knew that you could paint counter tops. My parents had nice orange ones that we painted and the previous owners painted my counter tops cream. They didn't do a good job though, they used a brush and you can see the brush marks. I have never liked my counter tops, they stain and just don't look good. I wanted to replace them and have look into all kinds of material. We really looked into laminate counter tops. They are durable and look good, but it still would cost us $500+ to replace them and that's if we do it ourselves. I wish that we could just get the pre-cut counter tops but with our bar, we would have to special order them. So when I saw that you can paint them AND make them look good, I did more research that night. The next day, I was painting my counter tops :).

The cost was a little over $150, that is for all the supplies and I have 40+ square feet of counter tops. From start to finish, it took about 4 hours (this does not include the waiting time for the glaze to set).

I got several granite and laminate samples from the store. I studied them and decided what colors I liked and what kind of texture. I bought a 12x12 tile that was about the same color of my counter tops and practiced on that first. I tested out my colors and made notes of how I moved my hand or fingers and what results I got.

1) I first cleaned the surface with water and soap. I then sanded the all of the counter tops and wiped away the dust.
2) I prepared the counter tops for painting. I decided to do the splatter painting method. This is a messy project, so cover everything. Put plastic or paper on all of your floors, even if it's three feet away from the counter, it may get paint on them (this happened to me)

3) This is what I used. I used six different colors, mostly different shades of brown, a mustard yellow and a sage green. I did most of the splatter paint with the kitchen brush. I also used a damp rag for the spots

4) The painting began. I was very random. I started with one color and did the whole surface and then moved onto the next color until I had all the colors on there. Then I started to mix all the colors together and painted. When I first did the spots, they were a little dark, so I lighted them up with a cream and that seemed to help a lot. If you make spots, don't make them all round or it may just look like a cheetah. The more paint I put on, the more I liked it. Towards the middle I was getting really nervous, I thought to myself "what have I done?".
It just wasn't looking right. I was just hoping that it would work out in the end. I promise that it looks a TON better once you get the glaze on!

5) Finally, I am done with the painting. Here is a close up of my bar without the glaze.
6) Next the hard and expensive part, the glaze. You can get this at a craft store or home improvement stores.  It says that it only covers 6.4 sq ft, so I got 6 boxes and had a bunch left over. So I would guess it covers about 8 to 9 sq ft. Read the directions carefully and do what it says. On the back of the box it tells you what you need, you DO need everything on the list. We used the blow torch to get the bubbles out. This is a two person job.

Here are a few tips that I learned through the whole process:

When painting:
-If you decide to make dark spots like you see in granite, you may want to practice that BEFORE you do it on your counter tops. To see if you really do like them. Luckily I figured it out and I really like the look of them now.
-If you are doing the splatter method, when it is all dry, take your hand or a dry wash cloth and get the loose pieces off. Also, if there are any bumps of paint, flatten them with your finger because it will leave a bump in the glaze.
When using the glaze:
-The box says to do it one box at a time, a blog said she wished that she did it all together at the
same time. I'm not sure what is better, but when it is mixed, you only have about 20-25 minutes to get all set. So you may feel a little rushed.
-The glaze is stinky and if you get it somewhere besides the counter tops, clean it up immediately, the longer you wait, the harder it is to clean.
-The sides and the back of the sink are tricky. I used a paintbrush on both. I wish that I could have just spent an hour doing the sides, to catch the drips but you just don't have the time to do it.
-When you applying the glaze, or waiting for it to dry (it takes 8 hours), don't let your 3 year old son come any where near it or you may have a lasting impression of his hand in the glaze.

My counter tops are not perfect, but they look so much better than they did. The stains are gone, they are so shiny and I love them! I decided not to do the back of the counter because it would have been super hard to do the glaze on it. I made the bold decision to paint it brown because I really like the light/dark contrast. It really makes the counters pop.

This actually was a fairly easy process, when it comes to home improvement. The hardest part is that you have to wait 8 hours to touch it and 72 hours until you can put anything on it. Good thing that there is fast food :). I am really thinking about doing my bathroom counter tops, that are yellow, sometime in the distant future.

The box says not to use bleach or harsh chemicals while cleaning. I use windex all purpose wipes on them and made them really shine! Feel free to email me any questions that you might have.

For more pictures of painted counter tops, go here or here

I have had my countertops for about 6 months now and they are doing great, much better than I ever expected! I still love looking at them!

Here are a few things that I thought that you should know about them:
~Then can get scratched, so use a cutting board!
~Use hot pads, the heat sticks to the glaze
~When cleaning, don't use too many water. Sometimes it leaves streaks.

They are very durable, if they can stand up to my three boys and my lack of cleaning, then that means they are tough! :)

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Motivate me Monday #20

You ladies are so talented! I am so amazed by what you come up with and how you find to do it all!

Here are few of my favorites: (click on the picture)

Katie from Impatiently Praying for Patience made these floor candlesticks, aren't they pretty!
Jessica from Majestic Street made this mirror out of a tomato cage, wow!
Ann from Make the Best of Things made this vase, go check out how she did it!
Kari from Craftadoodle made this adorable caste for a card table!
Vanessa from The Sew*er, the caker, the copycat maker made these fun cupcakes using jars!

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Here are the rules:
1) Use the URL for the post, not the blog
2) Grab my button or link back to my blog
3) Only 5 links per blog
4) If you have posted the project in a previous week, do not post it again

I'm super excited to see what you've done lately!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Scrapbook Thursday

Here is a 4 page spread that I did this past week. It's pretty simple but that's okay because the pictures are most important! :)
I used scallop punches for the squares and the yellow strip. One of my favorite things about stamps is that you can do two colors on one stamp!
Here's the second layout, about the same as first but different.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Whatever Wednesday: Teacher's Gift

With the school year ending soon, I decided to make my son's teacher a little gift. It was very simple to make and hopefully she likes it!

It's a little picture holder for her desk.
Since it will be on her desk, I did the back too
Another gift that I thought would be cute for a teacher, is turning a binder clip into a picture holder.
These are some that I did around Christmas time.

In a completely unrelated topic, look at what I got in the mail yesterday. I'm super excited about it!!

My boys were just as excited as I was!! They wanted to do some crafts right away!
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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Dyeing Leather

**** Post update: I would do this to a chair or inexpensive piece of furniture but I wouldn't do it on a couch or in a car, I would let professionals do that.  Make sure your piece is leather and not pleather.****

By now you all know that I love garage sales! Well I really do. Sometimes I just have to not go because I don't want to over clutter my house or I'm not up for a huge project that seems to happen after a good find. Well about a month ago, I found this chair for $5

I had to look beyond the ugly color and the horrible dust and see the potential of it.

After many hours of work, I finally turned the chair into this.
Now it's sitting in the corner of my bedroom. I love having it there, it's really comfy to sit in, but most of all, I just love looking at it!!

When I got it, I thought that maybe I would just paint it, but then I found out that I could dye the leather. So now I'm going to show you how to dye leather!

What you will need:
-Leather Dye
-Spray bottle
-Cloths (or an old sock :D)
-Leather finisher

You can actually combine dyes if you need to. The brown that I got wasn't dark enough, so I combined it with a black dye to get the dark brown. I got my dye from Leather Unlimited but you can also get it from Ebay.

1) First you will need to clean the leather with acetone and a cloth. Using a sock, I went all over the chair. (I did clean it with soap and water to get all the dust off)

This is how it looked after the acetone

Notice the different in color, it really cleans it!

Now it's time to dye the leather!!

2) With water, I sprayed the chair to make it damp. Because I had such a big area, I would spray a little area at a time and then dye it and then spray another area.

3) Put the dye onto the cloth and wipe it all over the chair. (Wear gloves!! I made this mistake and was cleaning dye off my hands for a week). Dye the whole area trying to make it as even as possible

4) After each coat, take a dry cloth and rub off the excess dye

Do as many coats that you need. This is what mine looked like after 6 coats of dye. I let it dry about 1 1/2 hours between coats

Now you have to use a finisher to protect the leather and dye.

5) Using the spray bottle, I sprayed the finisher on the chair. Like the water, I did a little at a time.

6) Then with a damp cloth, I spread the finish evenly. I used long strokes to do this.

The finish leaves a nice gloss!

Because the cushion was ripped and not in good shape, I just put fabric over it.

I know that other people actually take off the original cover and make a completely different cover for it, but I don't. I actually just sewed it straight onto the cushion. I don't know why, maybe it's because I'm too afraid to touch the foam that in the cushion.... :)

Once the fabric was on the cushion, I then took an 1" grosgrain ribbon and put it over the lip of the cushion. Using a yarn needle, I then sewed it onto it.

I love the way it looks altogether!

I wanted to use a flowery fabric but my husband didn't care for it, so I made a pillow to add a little girly touch :)

This is actually a really easy process! You can dye shoes, belts, purses and furniture!