Friday, June 4, 2010

Blog Swap: Persnickety Peacock

Today I am swapping with Alyssa from Persnickety Peacock. So here she is!

Hi Everyone! My name is Alyssa from the Persnickety Peacock, and I'm thrilled Kaysi invited me over for my first ever blog swap.

I am finishing up my dissertation (fingers crossed) for a December graduation, so things have been a little hairy for me around the blogoshpere lately. Writing, collecting data, and teaching classes takes up way more time than I'd like, but I love to use my blog as a way to "escape" from the everyday craziness of being a grad student.

I'd love to show you a few of my favorite posts, as a way to tell you a little about me.

First of all, I love to sew (although I just learned this year). Also, I'll take a second to brag...I have an amazing craft/sewing room. Click HERE to see more photos of my crafting space.

In fact, I've embarked on what I call "The Year of the Handmade Gift." My goal for all of 2010 is to give handmade gifts instead of buying them. Here are a few of my favorites so far.

Another passion of mine is decorating my house (while on a grad student budget). Inspired by a pair of bird nest frames from a catalog, I created these for $40 cheaper. Find out how to make them HERE.

Then, after my sister and I swapped living room furniture, I sewed and printed these gorgeous curtains. Read more about the curtains and room redecoration HERE.

Finally, I have to show off my lovely Christmas decorations from last year. My mom puts up over 15 Christmas trees in her house, and her decorations are always inspiring for me. This year, she encouraged me to go out on a limb and use some of her old ornaments with some gorgeous ribbon I found and fell in love with while we were shopping together. Find out how this came together HERE.

I hope you've enjoyed a sneak peak at the Persnickety Peacock. Please come by and check me out. Also, thanks Kaysi for allowing me to experience my first ever blog swap.

Thanks Alyssa!! Wow she has some great stuff over there!!