Thursday, August 26, 2010

CSN Stores Review: Bassinet

I was lucky enough to get to review one of CSN Stores products.
CSN Stores
They seriously have a huge selection, so I didn't even know where to start. I had several items on my wish list, things that were practical, things that we needed and things that I just wanted for fun :). After much thought, I decided to go practical and purchase a cute little bassinet for my baby on the way (since I don't have one).

I had a really good experience with CSN Stores, their websites are easy to use and shipping is fast. I think I bought it on a Tuesday and it arrived on that Saturday!

One of my favorite feature about the stores is how easy it is to find things. They have it categorized so well. They had broad categories, like baby but they also have very specific ones too. I knew that I wanted bassinet that was green (we don't know what we are having yet and it matches my room and nursery). So instead of looking through 100's of bassinets, I only had to look through 10 and it was great! Another feature I love about the site is that you see only items in your price range, that was great!!

As for the bassinet, it is so cute!! I'm so excited to put my little baby in it. It has a few songs and even vibrates (yay!). But my all time favorite feature about it, it folds up! It will be great for storage and I can even bring it with us on trips. It is exactly what I was looking for in a bassinet and can't wait to really use it in a couple of months!

Kolcraft Tender Vibes Travel Bassinet - KB041-ARC


Juls said...

Great review! I've had my eye on a few bassinets at Overstock. Its good to hear some good things. I didn't even think about having it fold up! What a cool feature! I keep telling myself, I have 6 more months to get it figured out... but it's down to 5 now and Im sure it will continue to sneak up on me.

Liz Taylor said...

I got this same bassinet at Kmart. I love it. It is so cute and I love the vibration and tunes features. Can't wait to use it again!