Saturday, October 9, 2010

CSN Stores Review: Puzzles

All of us with kids know how important puzzles are in learning and playing. So when you are going to buy one, you want it to be a good one! One that will hold up to lots of playing. I'm sure that all of our kids have at one point played with a Melissa and Doug wooden puzzle. They are amazing!!

They are tough. We have had one for about four years and it is still in great condition, much better than my cheap one that I bought that the plastic is coming off. They are chunky so at any age they can play with them! They are so fun, my boys have played with them for hours! And best of all, they are a toy that is educational and you know when your child plays with it, they are learning!!

So when I got the opportunity to review a product from CSN Stores, I decided that I wanted to get something for my 1 year old for Christmas. I was blown away by how many Melissa and Doug puzzles they had. They have 100s! I had a hard time choosing because they all looked so awesome! So I decided to get some that the pieces don't come out (so he doesn't lose them).

Melissa and Doug Latches Board - 3785

Melissa and Doug Magnetic Number Maze - 2280

Melissa and Doug Vehicles Maze Puzzle - 4301

Melissa and Doug Vehicles Sound Blocks Matching Game - 1272

I'm so excited to see my little boy open these and play with them!!! I know that he is going to love them and that they are going to last a long time!!

My experience with CSN Stores was great! The website is so easy to find what you are looking for. I just put in the search box "Melissa and Doug Puzzle" and I was able to look through all of them. It was so fun looking through all of the fun toys that they had to offer. Of course there were a ton that I would love to get my boys for Christmas!

I'm so amazed by how quick I got the puzzles too. I ordered them on a Friday afternoon and they were shipped that night! I was impressed!!


Melissa said...

Melissa and Doug products are the best. We have the sound blocks one - I am keeping it for when I have grands. :)