Saturday, November 6, 2010

More heat transfer shirts

Here are a couple more shirts that I made for my older boys.

To make them, I used Silhouette heat transfer paper, that I'm giving away here.
To make the soccer balls, I printed out some clip art off the computer and then cut it out of the heat transfer paper with scissors.
The back was done with my Cricut
**Both of these shirts have gone through both the washer and dryer, on normal setting and still look great**

Remember to enter my Silhouette giveaway, ends 11/10!


TCEWaters said...

Ok Kaysi, I am new to the whole Cricut thing and I was wondering how you do these shirts with a Cricut. Is there special paper/material you use? Thanks!

Kaysi said...

If you click on the link to the giveaway, I give a tutorial on how to make shirts like these. It is a special kind of heat transfer paper

Nancy's Couture said...

They look great! Love that soccer ball.