Thursday, December 16, 2010

A CSN Christmas for me! :)

Ever since the first time I was asked to do a CSN Stores reviews, I have wanted to get a rug for my master bedroom. I have some horrible cranberry carpet in there and a fairly large space on the side of the bed. I have just wanted to cover it up with a cute rug but haven't felt like it was really needed. Well this time, I decided it was time to get one! :)

CSN Stores has some awesome rugs. They have thousands of them, I spent hours just looking at all of the different rugs. Luckily for me, they have their rugs in different categories, to make my search a little easier. I finally decided on this one!

Dalyn Rug Co. Bradford Mix Circle Ivory Contemporary Rug - BR90IV
I ended up getting the 4'11"x7' one
It looks so good in my bedroom and it matches the colors of my comforter perfectly! Plus, my cranberry carpet is as bad :)

I was very impressed with the price of this area rug. If you've bought an area rug before, you know that they can be pricey! Even at Wal-mart and Target they usually $120 or more for the similar size. And with the free shipping, you just can't beat it!!

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Melissa said...

ooohhh!!! it's pretty. Picture of it in your room please!! I want to see:)