Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday: Hand Print Calendar

My son (who is in kindergarten) gave me the cutest calendar that I just had to share with you all. If you want to your child to give a present to someone that will melt their hearts, then this is the gift to give!! It just melted my heart when he gave it to me and he was so proud of himself, he made sure to go through every page with me and tell me what he did.

Sorry for the bad pictures, I scanned them in. Also, I'm going to explain all of these the best I can, if it just sounds silly, just look at the pictures :)

Each page is on 8 1/2x11 paper and is laminated so you can draw on it with a dry erase marker. This the front page

Next page

January- snowflakes

Using white paint and just the fingers, make little x's in a circle on blue card stock

February- heart

Using red paint, place one hand down with fingers close together and thumb closed. Place other hand down, overlapping thumbs and fingers to make a point.

March- Leprechaun

Using different colors of paint: put green paint on thumb and bottom of palm, put red on the rest of the palm and orange on four fingers. Place right hand upside down with all fingers apart

April- Umbrella

Using purple paint, put the paint on four fingers and half of your palm. Place hand upside down with fingers apart

May- Tulips

Using yellow paint, put paint on full palm and four fingers. Place hands up with fingers close together.

June- butterfly

Using pink and purple paint: put pink paint on four fingers, put purple on palm. Place hands up with fingers and palms together.

July- fish
Using orange paint, place right hand facing to the left of the page, thumb down and fingers apart.

August- sun

Using yellow paint, put it on four fingers and palms. Place hand with fingers apart on the page three times, overlapping palms.

September- apples
Using red paint, put paint on palms and place hand on page. Using brown paint, put paint on thumbs to make the stems.

October- pumpkin

Using orange paint, put paint on palm and place on page. Using green paint, put paint on thumb to make the stem.

November- turker
Using brown paint, put paint on palm and thumb. Use different colors for each finger. Place hand up with fingers apart.

December- Santa

Using red paint, put paint on thumb and bottom of palm. Put a little strip of white paint under red. Using pink paint, put paint on middle of palm. Using white paint, put paint on top of palm and four fingers. Place right hand upside down and fingers apart.

The calendar came with a dry erase marker, so you can fill in the numbers each month. So cute, huh?

You could really dress this up, use cute scrapbook paper or you can keep it plain. Either way, someone will love it!!


Attempting Aloha said...

Very cute!! What a patient teacher to do all those with her students! :)

Aloha and Mele Kalikimaka,


To Sew With Love said...

This is so cute!

Danielle said...

Very cute and sweet!

lady schwa said...

I would love to make this for my kids grandmothers! But do you have a template other than what is posted? Too cute!