Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Whatever Wednesday: Christmas Ideas

Christmas is almost here and sadly I haven't been able to do as many crafts that I would have like too. My time has gone to other things this past month, like my baby girl, hosting Thanksgiving, throwing my 4 year old son a Star Wars birthday party and my baby girl's baby blessing. All of these have things got me crafting, so just no time (or energy) left for Christmas crafts :(.

Luckily last year I did a lot of Christmas crafts and gifts. So here are some that I did

This was a gift for my in-laws that have five kids. So each side had a picture of each family and then the sixth side was of my in-laws

This was my neighbor gift last year

This was my teacher gift last year


To Sew With Love said...

such fab gifts! ^^)

Pat Newton said...

I got out the muffin-tin advent calendar you made us and instead of putting a gift in each holder, I put a note that says where to go look for the gift! The kids have all had fun with this "treasure hunt". Thanks for this fun thing.