Keeping it Simple: December 2010

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tasty Thursday: Manicotti

I thought that it would be fun to have Tasty Thursday in addition to my Scrapbook Thursday. I am not an awesome cook, I really don't enjoy it. But like most things I do, I like to keep it simple and easy. Most of all with food, it has to be good. My recipes are mostly a quick dinner recipes because we all can use a new recipe for dinner! Most of my dinners take 20 to 30 minutes to make (unless you have to bake it, then a little longer).

Here is one of our favorites:

I usually double the recipe and freeze 2 or 3 batches of it!

This is what you need:
1 box of jumbo shells
1 large container of cottage cheese (or ricotta cheese, when I double it, I use both)
2 cups of mozzarella cheese
3/4 cup Parmesan cheese
1 egg
1/2 tbs parsley
1/2 tbs oregano
1/2 tbs basil
1/2 tbs Italian seasoning
1/4 tbs salt
dash of pepper
1 cup of mozzarella cheese for topping
Your favorite spaghetti sauce

1)Boil shells according to directions on the box
2) Mix all the ingredients (not sauce) in a large bowl
3)Pour some sauce onto the bottom of a 9x13 dish, just enough to cover the bottom
4) Fill shells with mixture and place face down into dish
5) Cover the shells with sauce and cheese
6) Bake for 30 minutes at 350 degrees

I love having this in the freezer just in case of a crazy day or if I need to take a dinner to someone in need.

Offers that end this week

I just wanted to remind everyone of some offers that end this week.

First off, the FREE 8x10 photo canvas or $55 off any size ends on Dec 31st (that's tomorrow!!) from Canvas People.

Here's mine, I love it!!

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool
Silhouette is having a couple of promotions going on this week and end at the end of the week.
As of right now, if you use the code "SIMPLE" you can get 10% off vinyl! Their vinyl is a great price, $7.99 for 9"x 10ft!!
Going on right now until January 1st, you can buy the Silhouette cutting machine for only $175 if you get a $9.99 a month 12 month subscription to their online store!! What a great deal, it is normally $299.99! Just enter the code "SIMPLE" when you checkout.

The Silhouette is a cutting machine (kinda like the Cricut) but it hooks up directly to your computer, so you can use all of your fonts that you already have! And then instead of cartridges, they have downloadable images that you can get from their online store.
Silhouette SD

Want to see what their online store has to offer, go here for details.

The Basic subscription for $9.99 a month gives you $25 to use to download images. So instead of $.99 an image, it only costs $.40! There are thousands of images! They have all kinds for holidays, boys, girls, sayings and much more!

So go check out Silhouette!!

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool Photo Canvas

Scrapbook Thursday

I love to weave paper in scrapbook layouts! It's just a fun and easy way to do a side bar. Well this one, I decided to use three strips of paper instead of my usually two. I love how it looks! I then just cut all the pictures to 4"x4".

Here's the fun weave!

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool Photo Canvas Beaded Watches

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Whatever Wednesday: Top Ten in 2010

The new year is approaching fast! I'm still getting used to writing 2010 when I write the date.... :)

Here is the top ten posts from this past year based off of comments:










And the #1 post of 2010 is (drum roll please)..................

What a great year that it has been!! Here is to another great year of crafting!!

<Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool Photo Canvas Beaded Watches

Whatever Wednesday: Place mat bags

For Christmas, my mom made all of my kids these super cute bags. She took a place mat, folded them in half and sewed the sides together. Then she added ribbon for the handles and cute embellishments in the front. My boys love them!! They carry them around with them and put their toys in them. So fun!
All three boys got the same design, with different ribbon. So I thought it would be cute to put their names on them. So using my Silhouette and black heat transfer paper, I put their names on them.

I love how they turned out!!

Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool Photo Canvas Beaded Watches

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

New Sponsor

I'm so excited to tell you about my new sponsor!
Beaded Watches

It's called Chunky Bling and it specializing in so fun and funky jewelry!

They are have a ton of fun stuff! I have already spent a couple hours just drooling over what they have there!!

You can build your own watch to fit your style:

You choose the band:

And the face:
Whimsical Purple - Watch Face

To make an awesome watch!!
Beaded Watches
They also have other jewelry like necklaces, bracelets and rings!

Gloriously Green Cluster - Charm

Sassy Molassy - Bead Bracelet

Swarovski Pearl - Blue - Bead Ring

Fun huh?? Well go check Chunky Bling now!!

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Easy Christmas and Winter Decoration: 2x4 Wood Greeting Snowmen

This post contains affiliate links.

I have a thing for snowmen. I just love decorating with them. I think that I like them because you can use them for Christmas but you can also use them for all of winter. So when I saw this idea, I knew that I wanted to make it!

This is how I made it:
1) I started with 5 pieces of 2x4 wood (I know that in the picture there is 6, I was going to use all of them, but decided it was too crowded). I cut them in various sizes, from 12 inches to 18 inches.

2) I used the 18 inch piece for the bottom. Using a glue gun (I couldn't find my wood glue) I glued the other pieces on the bottom pieces.

3) For more reinforcement, I stapled the backs of each piece

4) I then painted all of it white

Now for the cute hats, I made them out of adult gloves

5) I turned the gloved inside out and sewed the thumb.

6) I then gathered the four fingers and tied them with ribbon

7) I cut each finger in half, just for fun :)

8) I then placed the hat onto the snowman

9) I then made three more hats and some scarves out of fleece

10) Using black paint, I painted on the faces. For the noses, I used some wooden V letters that I had and painted them orange.

Now for the sign:
11) Using my Silhouette, I cut the letters out of card stock and patterned paper

12) Using mod podge, I put the letters and snowflakes onto my black piece of wood

13) I then glued the sign in front of the wood and stapled the bottom

14) I then used cotton balls and glued them all over the bottom piece of wood.

And now it's on my porch, ready to greet people when they come by!!!

Maybe these snowmen will bring snow, we haven't had any yet this year (this is a first for me!).