Monday, January 3, 2011

Chunky Bling Review

Have you gone over to Chunky Bling yet?

Beaded Watches

Well if you haven't, you should!! I got an awesome watch there that is stinkin' cute!! I'm totally in love with it!!

When I got in the mail, I was super excited!! I couldn't wait to get it on and go show it off. That evening, I decided not to wear a coat (yes in the middle of winter) when I went to the store, so I could show it off!

It really just completes any outfit and I love how it just adds a little bit a class!! I feel so fancy when I wear it! :)

I love looking at my watch, the beads are just so fun. The silver beads have little designs in them, I can tell that it's made with nice beads, not cheap ones. One of my favorite things about the watch is that the band is interchangeable! I decided to go with a neutral color, but if I would like some more color, I can just change out the band and I love that!

I went with the Mini Whimsical-Dark Brown for the face and the A Walk in the Woods for the band.

Like what you see? Well then go over to Chunky Bling now!!!

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