Sunday, February 27, 2011

Motivate Me Monday #59

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Hello to everyone! How was everyone's weekend? Mine was great! It was my birthday on Friday and I just did things that I wanted to do. I didn't clean or cook and the crafts that I did were for me! It was wonderful!! :)

Rachel from Sun Scholars made this adorable sunflower cupcakes, yum!

Michell from Girl in the Air made this awesome headboard out of shutters, amazing!!

Stacey from Elle Belle Creative made this fun little tooth pillow, love it!!

Kori from Mom's of All Trades made this fun little game out of tin boxes, so fun!!

Junkrestore made this great bead out of old doors, brilliant!!

Terri from A Creative Princess made this cute bracelet our of a Hobby Lobby gift card, so creative!!

Jen from Simply Living made this bathroom topiary out of a loofah, so cute!!

Emily from Eat.Pray.Love and Craft made this awesome decor ball out of book pages, love it!!

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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Silhouette Saturday: Premium Vinyl

Silhouette is having another great sale now through March 1!! You can get the Silhouette machine, 1 roll of premium black vinyl, 1 roll of premium frosted vinyl, 1 roll of premium transfer tape and 1 home decor cd all for $225!! That is a $375 value! Just use the code SIMPLE at checkout. And if you don't need the machine, the premium vinyl is 25% off!! Use code SIMPLE at checkout. This is a great way to spend your tax return :).
Silhouette Electronic Cutting Tool

Silhouette's premium vinyl is awesome!! It is a really good quality of vinyl and does great outside! But you can use it inside and outside! My family on my car is still looking great! :)

Here are a few things that I have done with the premium vinyl:

Mission Fund Piggy Banks
After I used the black premium vinyl

Family on my car with white premium vinyl

Girl's tile using dark pink and black premium vinyl
V-day Tile using dark pink, white and black premium vinyl

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Silhouette Saturday: Live, Laugh, Love Tiles

I had no decorations in my downstairs bathroom. Well until now!! I love using vinyl on tiles, they look so good!! Plus, tiles are really cheap (I got these for $.68 each) and they are already the color that I want so I don't have to paint them. I just cut lots and of circles out of vinyl with my Silhouette. For the middle tile, I bought the border image on the Silhouette's online store and then I used my fonts for the words. I used my expression vinyl and I used colors: powder blue, olive, brown and white.

I used some industrial strength velro to put it onto the wall.


Friday, February 25, 2011

All about me

You asked questions last week and I'm going to answer!! First off, here's some general info about me.

I have four little kids and one amazing husband. I grew up in Rock Springs, Wyoming and now live in Kansas. Today actually is my birthday and I just turned 21.... hehe not really. That would be pretty bad to be 21 with a 6 year old :). I'm really 27 (that was the first time for me to say that!). I'm the youngest of 9 children and because of that I have always wanted to be unique and different.

Now onto the questions that you asked me

Q: I'd love to know how you manage it all with a family. It is so hard to stay on top of a blog along with family, home, projects, etc. -Denise
A: This is actually a struggle for me sometimes. Sometimes I spend a little too much time on crafts and blogging and not on my family. So right now, I'm trying to only do the things during quiet/nap time. One thing that I do is I plan ahead. I try to have all of my posts ready for the whole week, so I don't do any last minute things. I will take one afternoon and write up 3 or 4 posts for the next week.

Q:Why did you start blogging?- Chandeen
A: I started blogging because I wanted people in my family to know what is happening in my life. The closest family member is 6 hours away and so I wanted them to see what is going on. I started my craft blog because I was posting too many crafts on my family blog and I wanted that one to be just for my family.

Q: What is your philosophy on ads for your blog? -Chandeen
A: I think ads are just fine. I have them because even if I get $5, I could use that money towards another craft. I feel like I'm paying for my own hobby instead of having to use our budget money for it.

Q: I want to know when you have time. Esp. with 4 little kiddos. - Tiffany
A: I have the time because I send all of them to a day care 5 days a week. Ha! I wish!! No, I just make the time for crafts. This is the one hobby that I have, I don't read or really do anything else right now, so that's what I do in my spare time. When the kids are asleep I get to work. But before they are asleep, I have already planned out exactly what I am going to do, so I don't waste time and I can get right to work. Also, I do a lot of crafts in the middle of the night when I can't sleep.

Q:How did you get started in blogging ? - Anne
A: I got started in blogging with my family blog. I had it for two years before I started my craft blog. I didn't even know that there were craft blogs out there. I asked some friends if they knew any good blogs that had crafts for kids and they directed me to craft blogs. Then one my of friends in my ward started one and that got my mind turning. It looked like fun, so I started this blog, really not thinking anything was going happen. I was hoping for 50 followers and NEVER thought that people would actually like my blog and read it.

Q: What inspires you the most when you blog? -Michelle
A: Lots of things inspire me to blog. I get a lot of my ideas from all of your blogs, so that really inspires me to blog. I love blogging because when I'm excited about something, I just want to share it to the world!

Q: I would like to know how you respond to comments.-Mamarazzi
A: I respond to questions in comments in a couple of ways. If it's a question about the post, I usually just leave a comment to answer the question. I figure that if someone had a question about it, then others might want to know it too. If the question is a personal question, I'll go to their blog and answer it.

Thanks to all that asked me a question! Have a wonderful day!!

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