Wednesday, February 16, 2011

CSN Stores

It is starting to warm up a little bit here and we are getting a little glimpse of spring!! It is getting me really excited to be able to send my kids outside and play. One problem, we don't have a great swing set. Luckily, CSN Stores have some awesome wooden swing set!! They also have some luxurious patio sets and beautiful outdoor decor!

I'm a big fan of CSN Stores!! When I want something for my house, I immediately go there and check out what they have to offer!
CSN Stores

This year I would love to have some things for my back yard. Right now with have an ugly metal swing set that was just left by the previous owners.
This one would be much better!!

Gorilla Playsets - 01-0001 - Outing III Playground System
When we are out there with the kids, we sit on some awful fold up chairs.
I would love to have this instead:

Lloyd Flanders - 75055-Set - Monaco Conversation Set

When it's a super nice day and we want to eat outside, we pull out our card table with our four folding chairs (we have six people in our family).
It would be so much nicer to eat on this:

Oxford Garden - 101318899/215212199 - Oxford Garden Extension Patio Dining Set

They have a whole lot more too!! So go check out CSN Stores now and see what you can get for yourself!

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Tiffany said...

I love everythig you posted. Esp. the colors.

Johnnie said...

Hi Kaysi! Thanks for joining Thrifty Thursday last week. You are featured this week. I am following your blog now as well. Blessings!

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