Friday, February 18, 2011

Guest Posting and Etsy Shop

I'm in need of some more people that want to do a guest post on my blog. If you have a tutorial of a craft that you want to show off and want to do a guest post, please email me at

About a year ago I attempted to do an etsy shop. It didn't go too well. So I stopped. Well I thought that I might try it again, we'll see if I have the time. But I do have a couple things for sale.

Baby girl pink and brown skirt and flower onesie 0 to 6 months

Baby Skirt and Flower Onesie Set 3 to 6 months

Black, white and yellow girls shirt 3 to 6 months

I'm also planning on doing some vinyl also. Hopefully I can do some custom orders too. So if there is something you want in vinyl (like a family for your car, name or certain saying) shoot me an email and I can make it for you.

Check out these sites!!


Tanya said...

Good luck with your shop! I have a {somewhat neglected} Etsy site, too. Who knew kids could take up so much free time! (=

Krista @ While He Was Napping said...

Ugh, if only I had a girl! Good luck with your Etsy, it's definitely a lot of work. I also wanted to let you know I gave you an award. The information and award are HERE. Thanks your awesomeness!

The Fischer Family said...

OOOOOOOO....stop it! I already told you all this cute stuff is really making me want to try for another girl! My friend had a baby today...too bad it's a boy or I'd soooo be buying one of these! Good luck with the shop! I'll keep watching for things and hopefully get to buy every now and then!