Thursday, March 24, 2011

They finally came!!!

I just got my Photo Canvases yesterday and I couldn't be happier!! There is nothing like a week old baby, so I wanted to remember that with my babies. So I made a canvas of all of my kids. These are pictures of them when they were about a week old. I LOVE them!! I love how they look and can't stop looking at them! I'm planning on putting a cute saying on top of them too :).

Remember that you can get a FREE 8x10 or $50 a larger size right now!! Just go to Canvas People and create yours! It's so simple and the hardware to hang them up come with it, so easy!


Check out these sites!!


Kelley said...

I had one made during the holidays and love it! CP were so fast and easy... Yours turned out FFFFFeenominal.

Rachel said...

Love them! Soo cute! What size did you order?

Pati @ A Crafty Escape said...

Very cute, it doesn't help that your kids are adorable.

Super Handyman Dave said...

Have to make one in the morning and give as gift.Dave