Thursday, April 7, 2011

Etsy shop

I'm still on the fence with this whole etsy shop thing. I would love to sell crafts, but I want to make it worth my time. Anyway, I just added a couple more things to it this past week. If you have any suggestions for me, I would love to hear them because I need all the help that I can get!

Gerbera daisies hair clips in multiple colors
4 car train vinyl, in green, blue, red and yellow
4T girls pink circle skirt

Adorable 0 to 3 Months v-neck shirt
This shirt is so cute, I even used my Stitches 'N Giggles fabric. I put a lot of time into it, it was just a little too small for my little girl.... :(

I'm thinking about trying to sell vinyl decals, any thoughts on that?
Check out these sites!!


Dawn said...

Hey Kaysi! Your creations are adorable! I love love love that vinyl train!

I've tried selling vinyl on Etsy and there are sooo many others on there doing the same thing...that it makes it extra hard! It does sell, but I've found that it doesn't go as quickly as my other items.

Whatever you decide to do...good luck! You can do it!!!


KaseyQ said...

I have been contemplating opening an etsy shop too...I also read on another blog about a site called whoopdwhoop where you can actually trade your handmade creations with other crafters for theirs (you list your stuff priced with "whoop"s). It looked kinda interesting.

Whatever you do, make it something you're proud of. Maybe instead of just doing straight vinyl you can use the vinyl to create signs- I know that clever sayings and quotations are always popular! Just a thought.

Also, I recently saw a tutorial on a blog on how to make a homemade light box- you know, for staging your items to be photographed. Even with a basic camera it makes stuff look really good! (which is awesome when the stuff IS really good like yours!!) Good luck!!

Amy Watson said...

Well, as a fan of your blog I would love to see you have an Etsy site! I have never sold anything on it, but I have purchased! Just sayin'.

A. Simpson said...

I think I may have won the scentsational giveaway. Something is up with my e-mail:either that or you've been trying to contact me for something else. E-mail me!