Saturday, April 23, 2011

Silhouette Saturday: Name Shirts

There is something about having your name on a shirt. I know that my kids love it!! We went with original names in our family so if my kids want to have their name on something, I have to make it. They just can't go to the store and pick it out. I have always had that problem because of the spelling of my name, no personalized license plates for me...

So I thought that a simple name in rhinestones would be really cute for my little girl. I got several $1 shirts at Walmart awhile back and they were prefect for this! All I did was used my Silhouette and the rhinestone cd that I got with the starter kit and used that alphabet for their names. It was really easy, though putting all the rhinestones in place did take a little bit of time. I love how they turned out though.

Two girls in my ward are turning 2 soon, so I thought it would be cute to make them a shirt too. I just cut the sleeves to make them short sleeves.

Aren't they so fun!! Who doesn't love a little bling once in awihle!!

Silhouette has a promotion going on right now!! You can get a bundle, that includes the machine and the rhinestone starter kit all for $229. The starter kit has everything you need to start making shirts like these! If you don't need the machine, all their rhinestones and paper are 30% off. Or you can get the rhinestone bundle for just $34.99! Just use SIMPLE in the code box when you checkout! Good only through the 26th.

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KaseyQ said...

So cute! I remember when I was little I used to have a shirt with my name on it and my mom never let me wear it in public- she was convinced that a stranger would see it and call out my name to get me to go over to them and then act like they knew me b/c they knew my name and kidnap me...Possibly paranoia, but I guess you never know! Anyway, I think the rhinestones are super fun. :-)

Megan said...

I love that beautiful green color - and you added just the right touch of bling!