Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: 2x4 Spring Animals

Before I get to the tutorial, I want to just complain a little bit.... I promise it won't be much. I'm going to complain about Walmart. Their craft section just isn't very good and being in a small town, it's the only place that I can get craft supplies because local stores just can't compete with Walmart prices. So I got really frustrated when I saw this adorable idea and couldn't make it the way that I wanted to because Walmart didn't have yellow feathers. So I had to make do with what I had. So, mine didn't turn out nearly as cute at Mariah's at Giggles Galore, but I still like them :) I made these with my kids, it was fun!

So I made these to replace my greeting snowmen outside.
This is how I made it:
1) I took a 2x4 and cut it into four different pieces and then painted them
For the lamb
2) I took some black felt and cut a face and ears. I glued them on, glued some eyes on and covered the whole piece of wood with cotton balls.
3) I added a nose and have a puffy little lamb
For the bunny. I was planning on this to be a little fuzzy chick but it just didn't look right. This is when I would have loved to have the yellow feathers.
4) I glued yellow pom poms all over the block
5) Then I glued eye, a pink nose, and wires for the whiskers. I used foam for the ears and felt for the teeth.
For the baby duck? bird? not sure what it is.
6) I glued white feathers all over of the block.
7) I then glued on some eyes and then a beak and feet out of foam.
8) I then glued and stapled all three of them onto a long piece of wood. Then I used my Silhouette and my outdoor Expressions Vinyl, in colors yellow and white .


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Tam said...

This is cute, I'm in the same boat with only having a walmart...........

Ashley W. said...

I like the white duck and I love the board you made to put them on! I might have to make one of those to go with my little animals (you can see my chick here: http://ashleyscrafts.blogspot.com/2011/04/easter-chick.html )

MamaJB said...

Such a fun idea! Thanks for sharing :)

Mel said...

Those are so cute!

Prairie Patch said...

Those are so adorable and perfect for Easter. Great craft to do with the kids!

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Mariah said...

I love your take on the Spring 2x4 Friends and I adore the board with the saying...too cute! Thanks for sharing!


Tammy said...

How adorable. Really cute idea to do with children.

Sky @ Capital B said...

Oh my cute! My little guy will love helping me do this! The lamb is too fun! Thanks for sharing- I always enjoy your blog!

Kristina said...

Very cute! The ducky is my favorite!

Hollie - TheSevenYearCottage.com said...

Such a fun project!

Rachel at Sun Scholars said...

Oh my gosh, those are so awesome! I'd love to have you share them at my For the Kids Friday Link Party (still open). Those are so cute!


Melanie said...

I featured your adorable animals today on my blog! Thanks so much for linking up!


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Rhinestone Beagle said...

Super cute! Thanks so much for linkin up.

Pam Emerson said...

Ridiculously cute! Love 2x4 crafts, and this turned out great! Thanks for sharing :)