Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Elastic Thread

I'm still really new to this whole sewing thing. There is a ton out there I don't know about. Well I just discovered elastic thread and I LOVE it!!! I'm going to start putting ruffles on everything because they are so much easier with elastic thread!!

I made my Easter skirt and for the top I shirred it with elastic thread and then for the ruffles I used elastic thread.
Here is how I made the ruffles:
1) I took the elastic thread and put it onto my bobbin, by hand.
2) I zig-zagged the edges and then using my longest straight stitch, I sewed the strip. I back stitched at the beginning and end of the strip to make sure it stayed.

See how it automatically gathered as you are sewing, so awesome!!

The fabric is about half it size in length. So much easier than puller the thread through!!
I then sewed the ruffle onto the skirt using regular thread.

Now for the shirred top. I did 6 rows.
1) I sewed the fabric with the elastic in the bobbin all around the skirt.

2) I used 5 more rows about 1/2 inch apart. I made sure that when I was sewing, that the fabric was stretched out flat.

Now I have a waist band for my skirt.
This skirt was so easy to make! It only took 30 minutes!
Here's my little girl's Easter dress, done the same way as my skirt.

For the top, I did 12 rows with the elastic thread.
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Emily said...

Hi! Really cute clothes! Wondering where you bought your thread. I live overseas, but when I was in the US last and asked and Joannes they didn't know what I was talking about! yikes!

Nichole @ Barillafab4.blogspot.com said...

So cute...I am new to sewing & this is a must try!

Kim said...

Must find this thread!!
Very cute skirt!! Now I'm thinking of all kinds of things to put ruffles on!!

Kaysi said...

I bought the thread at Walmart, right by all of the other elastic


Su said...

Isn't elastic tread amazing?
Think about it... elastic thread pillows, curtains, to fit clothes better.... ;) I've had time to think about it

Confessions of a Stay at Home Mommy said...

This makes me want to learn how to sew!