Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Gun Holsters and Silhouette Promotion

Silhouette is having a promotion going on and you won't want to miss it!! From now until May 25th, you can get the Silhouette SD machine, 1 roll of white flocked heat transfer paper, 1 roll of teal smooth heat transfer paper and 1 roll of dark pink smooth heat transfer paper, all for $219! That is a savings of over $125!! Just use the code SIMPLE at checkout! Don't need the machine, well all heat transfer paper is 25% off, just use the code SIMPLE!

I absolutely love Silhouette's heat transfer paper!!! I love how easy it is to make something original and how good it looks when you put it on. The pictures are cut so clean and it really looks professional!

So one day we were at a western museum and my boys wanted some guns. Well we bought them, but of course they wanted a holster. Well then their dad said, "Mom can make you something like that." I just laughed and said, "I guess I can try." Oh the things that my husband volunteers me to do....

Anyway, so I make them out of some leather looking fabric and the ended up being super easy. But I wanted them to pop, so I decided to use my white flocked heat transfer paper and add some stars and a badge onto them, my kids love them!!

So here they are, very simple but it does the job!
I just love how the heat transfer looks on them. Sometimes I forget that I can use it on things other than clothing :)


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Suzanne@thriftstoredecorjunky said...

Very clever. Thanks for sharing!

chrisy said...

do you know if the silhouette comes with any shapes included? It doesn't say on the website. Also, do they charge for shipping? and where do they ship from? And, to get the promotion, do you just order the Silhouette and put in the code, or do you have to order the promotion somewhere? I can't find the promotion on the website either. Thanks!

Kaysi said...

The Silhouette comes with several different shapes, stars, hearts and things like that. There are 50 total that come with it and then the machine comes with a $10 gift card for the downloads, so you can get more shapes with that. They do charge for shipping, it's about $12 and they ship from CA (I believe). If you go to http://www.silhouetteamerica.com/blogbndl-511.aspx?mid=bESEoccStxyfGpCK3bq523i2KhgD6t4B that should take you right to the promotion, add that to the cart and then use SIMPLE at checkout for the discount. Hope that helps, if you need more help, email me at kaysiscrafts@gmail.com