Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Apron that turns into bonnet!

One day we were at Boot Hill with my in-laws, when we came across an super cute apron that turned into a bonnet. Our stake is going on the trek this year. They have to dress up like pioneers, so they get to wear skirts and bonnets. So I wanted to help the girls make them. They are so cute and easy to make. My sweet mother in-law bought some and then made my a sample. With that sample, I made another and this tutorial.

This is how I made it:
1) I made a pattern for both the body and the pocket of the apron. The body was 15 in long and 10 in wide. The pocket was 9 in long and 10 in wide. I placed the pattern on the fold of the fabric and cut out two of each, body and pocket.

2) I pinned the two pieces for the pocket and sewed them together with fronts facing each other. I left a little hole so I could then turn it inside out.

3) I then made a top stitch to close the hole.

4) I pinned the pocket to the body of the apron.

5) I sewed the middle of the pocket, to make two pockets.

6) I then placed the other piece of fabric onto the other piece, pinned and then sewed all around the edge. I did not sew the top of it, so I could turn it inside out.

7) Once I did that, I did a top stitch all along the edge and closed the top.

So here this is what it looks like now.

8) I then took a 7" by 50" (you may need it to be longer to go around the waist) strip and made bias tape out of it. I then pinned it to the top of the body. When I did this, I made a couple of pleats in the body.

9) I then added two buttons to the top of the apron.

10) I then made a button hold at the corner of the bottom of the body.

So here is it as an apron. I might not be able to see the buttons at the tops and the holes on the sides, look closely, they are there.

Now for the bonnet. Just bring the side of the apron to the buttons, that will make the bonnet.

And that's what it looks like on. Not so cute on me, but will be on the young women!

Here is the super cute one that my mother in-law made!!

It took about a yard to make this but if you wanted to make it a little easier, you could not do the pocket. It's mostly for decoration for the apron.


robin said...

That's really neat! And once I figured out that the pattern said "10 in." instead of "loin", it made a lot more sense. Takes me a while sometimes... haha.