Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Pants Refashion

I found these pants at a garage sale for a $1. I picked them up because they are super soft. I took the pants and made something for myself and for my baby.

First I cut off the legs and made a pair of shorts for me. Super simple, took about 5 minutes.

And I made a little skirt for my little girl

This is how I made the skirt:
1) I cut the leg off and cut along the seam to open it up. I did that for both legs.

2) I then cut two pieces that were about 16"x 10" for the bottom of the skirt. I then used some elastic thread and ruffled the top of the piece.

3) Next I cut two pieces that were 12"x4". I then folded the top of it 1" and sewed it. This is for the elastic, so made sure to leave an opening in the fold.

4) Next I sewed the two pieces together.

5) Then I sewed the front and back of the skirt together.

6) I made sure that I did not sew the top together on one side, this is where I inserted the elastic.

7) I put the elastic into the holes. I sewed one side but not the other side.

8) I wanted to make an adjustable waistband, so I put a button on the skirt and used more elastic and cut holes into it.

Here is the waist at it's smallest. Lots of room to grow!

9) I then made a flower with the left over fabric.

And here is her cute skirt out a the legs of pants.

Isn't she so cute in it?!



Kelley said...

Oh, yeah, Momma. She's a doll in her new little skirt!

Just Jaime said...

Cute! Great way to refashion and use up all that material!

Here On Crow Creek said...

So precious!! She is beautiful! You did a great job on the shorts and the skirt! So, so cute!

laxsupermom said...

Adorable! What a great use of the cutoff material! Thanks for sharing.

Kimberley said...

Great idea and your little girl is adorable! Hi! I found your site through the Tuesday Time-Out Hop. Please come follow me back at:


Thanks and have a great Tuesday!

KAT said...

Adorable little skirt baby is so cute too

Juli said...

I LOVE this! You are so talented!! So cute! -Juli ahenandherchicks.blogspot.com

Jenni said...

That's a wonderful idea, and your daughter looks so precious. :) I just made shorts out of three pairs of jeans and have the legs left over now. This might be the way to go to refashion those legs!!!