Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Tattoo Paper

Today is the start of Silhouette's June promotion and it is one that you won't want to miss!

Right now until June 29th, you can get the Silhouette SD machine and two packages of the temporary tattoo paper, all for $199!! That is an awesome deal! But the deal gets even better, all products are 25% off, so if you need to stock up on some supplies, now is the time!! All you have to do is use the code SIMPLE at checkout!

And now for a tutorial on how to make some fun tattoos! I can't wait to use this at one of my boys' birthday parties, it is going to be a hit!

This is how I made it:
1) I took an image that I found on the online store. Then I got to the fill gradient page.
2) I clicked on the image and then filled it with red.
3) I wanted the middle a different color, so I ungrouped the imaged by using CTRL U and then made it blue.
4) Because it is words, I had to flip it horizontally.
5) Next I had to change the cut settings. It will cut all of the lines, so I made it cut just the edge of the image.
6) Next I used the registration marks. This is so the Silhouette machine can cut the image in the right place. It prints on the page.
7) Next I print the image onto the tattoo paper, on the glossy side.
8) Once the ink was dry, I put the clear plastic over the paper and then put it onto my cutting mat and fed it into my Silhouette. Before I cut, I had the machine detect the registration marks. Then I cut the image.
9) I applied the tattoo to a cute little boy using a wet rag :)

Aren't those so much fun?! I really like them. I can't wait to use them for costumes, so much better than face paint!! So go check out the Silhouette promotion now and get yours today!

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The Fischer Family said...

What a cool fun product! Silhouette is making it really hard to want to keep my Cricut! lol