Friday, July 22, 2011

Guest post: Growing Up Gardner

Hi there! I'm Amanda from Growing Up Gardner.

Let me introduce myself:

I'm married to my childhood sweetheart and am the proud momma of a precocious three-year old girl and a bubbly 5-month old boy.

Growing Up Gardner is a collaboration of posts about my family, DIY, homeschooling, saving money, recipes, crafts and anything else that comes up in the Gardner world.

I'm thrilled to be a guest here at Keeping It Simple today! I thought I'd share one of my simple projects with you. I recently hung our master bedroom gallery wall and one of the pieces is a silhouette portrait of my daughter, Noelle. I am a total sucker for silhouette portraits. They are timeless and beautiful.
Here is how to easily make one yourself - even with a wiggly toddler as your subject.

First, take several profile pictures (several so you can choose the best one and you won't have go back for more). Then print out your favorite shot.

Next step - Cut out the photo and trace it on to black construction paper. The first time I traced the photo, Noelle's pony tail wasn't looking too cute so for my second attempt I cut out a little flip. I also created eye lashes when I traced the photo.

The last step was to frame it! I put decorative scrapbook paper in the background.

See the eye lashes? They really make the silhouette come to life.

So simple! And it cost me nothing to make.
It looks fabulous in our room.

Thanks to Kaysi and all of you amazing readers for letting me stop by! Come visit the Gardner family any time. We'd love to have you!

- Amanda

That is so fun and cute, thanks Amanda!!


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