Saturday, July 30, 2011

Silhouette Saturday: Wedding Gift

It is summer time, so that means that it is also wedding time!!! Last weekend I went to a wedding and had to come up with an easy idea to make. This one took me about 10 minutes and cost $5, so it was just prefect!

This is how I made it:
1) I cut out the letters using my Silhouette SD. I do a few "tricks" to get the most out of my vinyl and money. The letters measured to be 15" long and instead of using 15" of vinyl, I separated the word into "john" and "son" and only used about 8". And other trick I used, was clear contract paper instead of transfer paper. Did you know that a roll of contract paper is only about $6 too, much cheaper!

2) To use the contract paper, I cut out a piece that was 4"x8" and then placed it onto my clothes a couple of times. It's a little too sticky if you don't.

3) I then placed the contract paper onto the John piece and rubbed with a stick

4) I lined up the vinyl onto the glass of the frame

5) I did the same thing for the son. The best part about the clear contract paper, I know exactly where I am putting the vinyl!

6) I did the same thing for the est. 2011 and in 10 minutes, I had a personalized wedding gift!

I used my Expressions Vinyl in colors: purple and silver! It matched perfectly to their wedding colors!



Ginger@gingersnapcrafts said...

Very cute! I didn't know you could use contact paper. :) Thanks for the tip.

Jennifer Yanos said...

so adorable! I love it!

Toqua's Crafts said...

THANK YOU for the tip on the contact paper!! I LOVE the gift you made.

Nixon said...

It is awesome , I am loving it :)

Best Wedding Gift

TheBinghamFamily said...

I know there is probably a pretty obvious answer to my question. But I have never done anything like this before and I want to try. Once you put the contact paper on the glass, do you peel it off? Or leave it on?

Kaysi said...

Yes you peel off the contact paper. That is what transfer the vinyl.