Monday, August 1, 2011

Home Tour: Dining Room and Kitchen

The living room leads right into the dining room.
Dining room before:
First thing we did in the dining room is take out the carpet. Carpet does not get along with three boys and their food! We replaced it with a laminate wood floor that continues to go into the kitchen. A new light fixture instead of a fan and blue paint on the back wall.

The dining room is connected to the kitchen.
Kitchen: before
The biggest changes that we did in the kitchen are we painted the counter tops, removed the cabinets above the bar to open up the kitchen and changed the appliances to stainless steel.
Taking the cabinets out made a huge difference! It is much lighter and now I can actually talk to my kids while they eat. We replace the single door cabinet with the two door cabinet and put the two cabinets in our garage for food storage.
We changed all of the hardware on the cabinets and the kitchen faucet, to update the look of the kitchen.

The bar with the painted counter tops, which I absolutely love. They look so much better than just plain cream!
These two decorations I made. The plate has rub ons all over it and the utensil holder is a big jar with fabric on it.

These signs are on the other side of the kitchen



Sarah said...

Awesome improvements!

Kate @ craftwhatever said...

That countertop is beautiful!!

cushy said...

what did you use to paint the countertop?

Kaysi said...

I used acrylic paint and then a glaze. here is a link to the tutorial

Starr said...

The new flooring really made a difference. Great work!

Jenny said...

looks great!! said...

Big jars are so useful. I put fabric on an big old mayonnaise jar, and turned it into a money box, one day I'll get around to putting it on my blog.
Loving your blog, by the way, hop over to mine and say hi sometime.