Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Pencil Box

School started today!!!! I don't know where the summer went. Like always, it just flew by.

When I was getting my son's school supplies, I looked at all of the different options of pencil boxes. There were the cheap ones and then themed ones that were three times as much. So I got the plain one and then decorated it with vinyl. I figured that I had to put his name on it anyway, so why not make it a little brighter and fun!

This is how I made it:
1) I first took the pencil box and then measured the circles on the lid.

2) Then on my Silhouette program, I used the diameter of the circles and made a few.

3) Then I took my Expressions Vinyl and cut them into squares. Then I placed them on the mat according to where it would be cut. I used the grid on the program to help me line up the vinyl. I used some fun colors: ice blue, red, yellow and lime-tree green.

4) I fed the mat and vinyl into the Silhouette and used the same settings as I would have without the mat.

5) I then placed the vinyl directed onto the lid.

6) My son wanted his name to be in silver, so I used my silver Expressions vinyl for this.

7)I applied his name and just like that he has a personalized pencil box!