Friday, September 30, 2011

Scout by Bungalow Review

Today I'm excited to intro you to a company called Scout by Bungalow
Scout Tote Bags, Insulated Bags and Coolers, Storage Bins, Travel Bags, Accessories, and Accent Rugs from Bungalow

They specialize in bags, storage containers and more.

They have very stylish bags! Here is a small sample of what they have.

Mini Deano

Lock It Pocket Rocket
Uptown Girl

I was able to review the Be-Low-Me storage bag. It's perfect for under bed storage. It's is huge, as my son demonstrates for us :)

I was so impressed by how much I could fit into it. In our old house, we have two walk-in closets in my our master bedroom. Now we only have one. It's a big closet, just not big enough for both of us. So I used this to store some of my summer clothes. It's nice to put it under the bed since I can still access it really easily.

It fits perfectly under my bed!

I can tell that it's durable and I don't have to worry about anything getting in.

Go check out Scout by Bungalow and see what you can find!