Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday: Matching Shirts

Yup, another turtleneck refashion. I hope that you're not sick of them because I have had fun with them! Never again will I look at a turtleneck with disgust. Instead I will see the potential in it! With this one, I made a shirt for me and my daughter!

This is how I made it:
1) I took my turtleneck

2) Then I cut off the neck and sleeves

3) I hemmed the neck into a v. Then I hemmed the sleeves and gathered them with elastic thread. I know I do this a lot, but I LOVE it!

4) Then with the sleeves I cut several 1" strips. I sewed them all together to make one long strip.

5) Using elastic thread in the bobbin, I sewed them down the middle to make one long ruffle. I used my longest straight stitch setting.

6) I then pinned the ruffle into a design on the shirt. I was pretty random when I did them. I just did it until I thought it looked good. I sewed that onto the shirt.

7) Then I thought that I would put some on the bottom of the shirt, just for fun!

And now I have a fun red shirt!

I had some ruffle left over, so I made an onesie for my daughter to match.

Here's the front

And the back :)



Zoe said...

THis is really cute- I love the ruffles- and that is adorable on the onesie too!

Emily said...

so cute! love all the girly ruffles.

Patricia Torres said...

Simply gorgeous.. Its really really cute!! totally loved your blog.. .and am following now.. Hope you'll come visit me at Colours Dekor.. :-)

Cat said...

What!! You just opened up a huge realm of possibilities! I think my mouth was open the whole time - and I LOVE the ruffles on the butt! Your daughter is adorable! I'm new to sewing and I definitely pinned this! love it!
Budget Blonde

thepaisleytab said...

Love the shirt....and I'm obsessed with the onesie! precious!

Tanya Anurag said...

CUTEeee :)

Stephanette said...

I love Ruffle Butts! I'm glad you guys are settling in okay!

Marie said...

So cute! I love ruffles on onsies!


Jennifer said...

Ruffles are my favorite!! Fabulous job!!

Thanks for linking up to Show & Share!

Debra and Eric said...

I've never done anything like this before, in fact, my sewing skills are quite limited, but I'm not afraid to try new things! That being said, I have a few questions...First, HOW did you hem the neckline? Just cut it to the shape you wanted leaving enough fabric to fold inside the shirt as the hem? Second, elastic thread...put on the bobbin and on top? and, is it just a straight stitch? or? What makes it ruffle so cute along the shoulder?

Please e-mail me your response (if you wouldn't mind), in case I don't get notified of your update here.