Saturday, October 22, 2011

Angry Birds Shirt

We are huge fans of Angry Birds at our house!!! I personally love the game and so do my boys. I find myself playing it all the time, when I should be cleaning or doing something more productive :).

This is how I made it:
1) I found a photo online and opened it in my Silhouette Studio. Source of photo

2) Then I selected the area I wanted traced.

3) I adjusted the settings of the threshold and scale. I made the yellow lines thick.

4) I moved the original photo to the side.

5) I cut the bird out of black t-shirt vinyl from Expressions Vinyl

6) I ironed the bird onto a red shirt. I cut out the eyes because they are going to go onto the white.

There's the outline, now it's time for the other colors

7) I went under the object file and clicked on the release compound path. Then I moved the eyes, beak and belly from the head. These are going to be in different colors.

8) I ironed on the eyes and belly. I used white t-shirt vinyl from Expressions Vinyl

9) For the beak, I used orange Expressions Vinyl and ironed that on.

10) I added the eyes and then ironed the whole thing one more time.

That's it! My son was so excited to wake up to a new shirt!

Here are two other ones that I made for my other boys. My 2 year old got to be the pig. When they played Angry Birds with each other, the other two would ram right into him. He loved it!



Stephanie said...

Super cute!! We love Angry Birds too so I might have to do this!

New follower :)


KAT said...

That is pretty darn genius

- KAT -

Deborah March said...

Aaawwww! He looks SO happy!! Cute cute CUTE!!