Monday, October 10, 2011

Shabby Apple Review

I don't know how Shabby Apple keeps on doing it, but they keep on coming up with some amazing lines of dresses. I just love all the different colors and styles, so gorgeous!!

Their line Academia, is awesome! Look at how adorable these skirts and dresses are! I just love them!!

Scholar Skirt With Honors Summer Break Skirt

4.0 Freshman Year Skirt Off Campus

I got the opportunity to review the Teacher's Pet Skirt. It is so much fun! I love the stripes and the pleats. I love the length, with a cute pair of boots I can wear it all winter long!

Shabby Apple has even more amazing dresses and skirts. They have a brand new line called Sidesaddle.
Aintree Presenting yourself in this dusty rose beauty evokes the style, balance, and fine form of the English equestrian art of dressage. Pretty pleats, a full satin lining, delicate elbow-length sleeves and a subtly-swooped neckline make for a masterful expression of the English attention to poise and grace. The combination of banded waist and gently-belled skirt with just the right amount of fullness defines the waistline, minimizes the hips, and achieves high marks all around! FULLY-LINED. Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Donning this statement-making dress will have you riding high in style and still looking like a lady! A colorblocked confection in nut brown and aquamarine matte satin, the Sidesaddle's sweetheart neckline, puckered puff sleeves, and strategic paneling along the hips, bustline, and hem work together to create va-va voom curves without sacrificing an ounce of good taste. Unique, fashion-forward, and slightly unexpected, this swoon-worthy style is equine-divine! FULLY LINED. Machine wash cold, delicate cycle
Taking its name from the most famous event in English horseracing, the smoky grey stunner wins Best in Show for superior style. A blended breed boasting equal parts high fashion and comfort, this dress's soft neckline and sleeves cut in comfy ribbed jersey are offset by a sweetheart-seamed body in smooth charcoal satin. Paired beautifully with everything from flat riding boots to high pumps, you can place a confident bet on the Grand National to keep your look current, classic and comfortable. FULLY LINED. Machine wash cold, delicate cycle. Developed in 14th-century England in response to the King's needs  for powerful, attractive horses with an excellent trot, the Hackney horse breed is known for its elegance and stamina. Not only will this brilliant blue pencil dress carry you energetically through the dreariest of days, but its sassy details are sure to add a perky strut to your gait as well. With the charming notch detail along the top mirrored flirtatiously at the nape of neck on the back, and six rows of pleating descending from a diamond inset at the waist, the Hackney's competitive features make it a sure winner for your wardrobe. FULLY-LINED. Machine wash cold, delicate cycle.

Gorgeous,huh? I just love going and looking through all of the designs and colors!

Oh and did I mention that you can get 15% off if you use the code, Ivy.

Dresses from Shabby Apple

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greensbeansandoutdoorliving said...

I love their items too, but I haven't bought any of their clothes yet. I do check out their website often though...