Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Family Pictures

This past week, we did family pictures! I have never been so stressed about pictures before. I've never put so much work into them before either, so I was really worried that we wouldn't get a good picture. I spent a lot of time planning on what we were going to wear. I made my outfit and my daughter's, so that was easy to come up with. But I struggled with the boys. I was trying to decide on just plain white shirts or button up plaid shirts. We decided to go with the white, it's so simple and clean. I'm so glad that we did, I love how they look.

I broke down and bought a new camera a couple of weeks ago, a Canon Rebel T1i. I've never been so confused by a camera before, I had no clue how complicated it all is! I just had a friend take the pictures for us. I chose my settings on the camera and she took the pictures. I'm so glad that they turned out cute and that I don't have to do this again for another year or so :)!







If I were to turn one into a canvas, which one should I chose?
Keeping It Simple


Kelli said...

I like the one of y'all sitting on the rocks for a canvas! All of them are great! Love y'all skirts!!

Rhiannon said...

that skirt is hot! looks great!

megan said...

I love the second family picture!:) They all look great though. Good luck choosing! I love that skirt too:)

Becs said...

if it were me, I woud do chose the second one. They all turned out great though :)

Emily said...

I love the one of the boys in the grass! SOOO cute!! We just took photos with only two kids and it was HARD! I'm so impressed with you getting all four organized! :o)

Steffanie said...

Darling photos! I love the backdrops...I'd use the sitting one for the canvas portrait also.
Gorgeous family, pictures, and setting!