Thursday, December 15, 2011

Easy Canvas Print Review and Discount

I love canvases. They are so much easier than frames, plus you don't have to worry about the glass. You can easily frame a canvas if you wanted to also.

Easy Canvas Prints is a great place to get your pictures turned into canvas.
photos on canvas
Photos on Canvas

Easy Canvas Prints has Cheap Canvas Prints, the prices are great!

I got to go through the whole process of making a picture into a canvas and it was so easy! I just picked a picture and uploaded it.

I decided to go with a picture of the San Diego temple. But not just any picture of the temple, but one taken on my wedding day. Aren't the colors so great? I went with a big size, 16x20 and it looks wonderful! I was planning on spending $100+ on a picture of the temple from the store, so this was much better, plus it's personal to me too, not just a picture but one with meaning.

There were several features that I could have picked when making my canvas. I could have made it black and white. Or added a frame. One new feature that I liked was the side, you could have it be wrapped around like mine. But you can have it mirror the image on the sides, or a solid color. I thought that those were really neat features!
The canvas came with the hardware, so when I got it in the mail yesterday, all I had to do was put up a screw and hang it out. So easy and quick!! I'm so excited about. I can't wait to have a nice saying above it (any suggestions would be great!).

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Like their facebook page and you'll see their specials, they had the 16x20 for only $39.99 the other week.