Saturday, December 3, 2011

Star Wars Birthday Shirt

Happy birthday to my son this week, he is the big 5!!!! I've decided that I want to let me kids open on gift on the morning on their birthday. It's going to be a shirt that I made just for them. My son is obsessed with Star Wars. He could watch the movies every day if I let him. So this is how I made his special birthday shirt.

I used the same light saber form from my vinyl light sabers. I used my new CAMEO to cut out everything. I love how cleanly it cuts the heat transfer vinyl. That machine amazes me.

I used my Expressions Vinyl heat transfer vinyl in white, black, yellow, red and royal blue.
Last year I made the mistake of putting "birthday boy" on the shirt. I felt like they could only wear the shirt once. I feel like my little boy can wear this shirt anytime of the year :).


marissa said...

kaysi i love this, I've got a little friend who would go wild over this I'll definitely be passing the idea over to his mama. I'd love it if you would add this to my party at