Thursday, December 8, 2011

Tasty Thursday: Caramel Syrup

My mother in law's ward had a super Saturday where they made all different kinds of syrups. They were so good that I had to make some and share. My favorite was the caramel one!

Caramel Syrup

This is what you'll need:
6 oz candy caramels
3/4 cup whip cream

Heat caramels and whip cream on low heat, stirring constantly until they it is smooth. Serve warm.

I've used it on ice cream and pancakes.

Here are a few other ones that they made, all are super easy!

Maple Deluxe
1 Cup maple syrup
2 T butter
¼ Cup evaporated milk
Boil maple syrup and butter for
3 mins. Stirring constantly.
Remove from heat & stir
in milk.
Buttered Orange Syrup
1 stick butter, melted
3 T cornstarch
2/3 C sugar
1 oz julienned orange zest
2 C orange juice, heated
Melt butter with cornstarch 1
minute. Stir in heated OJ and then
remaining ingredients. Continue
stirring over medium heat while
thickening. Bring to boil, then
simmer for 5 min.
2 C maple syrup
½ C honey
½ t ground cinnamon
½ C chipped pecans
Combine all ingredients, stir
well. Store in airtight container
at room temp.
Buttermilk Syrup
1 C sugar
¼ C butter
½ C buttermilk
½ t baking soda
1 C light corn syrup
1 t. vanilla
Combine first 5 ingredients &
boil for 5 mins. Remove from
heat, add vanilla and stir.
Serve warm.

Strawberry Syrup
¾ C strawberry daiquiri base
1 C corn syrup
Mix and heat thoroughly.
Coconut Syrup
¾ C pina colada base
1 C corn syrup
Mix and heat thoroughly.
Vanilla Syrup
½ C sugar
½ C corn syrup
½ C whipping cream
1 t vanilla
Combine sugar, corn syrup & cream.
Cook, stirring constantly, over medium
heat until mixed & sugar is dissolved.
Simmer 2-3 mins., until it begins to
thicken. Remove and add vanilla.
Cinnamon Cream Syrup
1 C sugar
½ C corn syrup
¼ C water
½-3/4 t cinnamon
½ C evaporated milk
Combine sugar, corn syrup, water &
cinnamon. Bring to boil over
medium heat, stirring constantly.
Cook & stir 2 mins. more. Cool
5 minutes, stir in milk.

2 comments: said...

Mmmmm, what a tasty post! I will definitely try out most of these as my husband loves to have different tasting syrups. Thank you million times for these recipes!

Lisa said...

oh yum! I know my husband would love this! I doubt he's ever had homemade caramel sauce!