Friday, January 13, 2012

Guest Post: Ginger Snap Crafts

Hi! I'm Ginger, & I blog over at Ginger Snap Crafts.
It's a fun place where I share my cute & easy craft projects.
Would love to have YOU drop by sometime. :)
Today I'd love to show you how to make you own
canvas prints for much cheaper than ordering them!
For this project all you'll need:
8x10 print of your favorite photo
paint & foam brushes
mod podge (matte)
8X10 canvas
(I bought mine at Hobby Lobby on sale for a couple of dollars.)
To make your canvas:
1.  I painted the edges of my canvas first
& then I painted about a 1 inch border on the front of my canvas.
2.  After your paint dries, apply a layer of mod podge on your canvas.
3.  Then lay down your picture.  I used a cloth to rub over the entire picture.
You don't want any bubbles, & for your picture to be nice and flat.  
Photo paper is thick, so getting it to lay flat was no problem.
4. Then I went over the top of my picture with another layer of mod podge.  
That gave it a brush stroked look.  Don't dries clear. :)
Here are my finished canvas prints!  Love them!  So easy to do, too!  Yay! Here's some more of my fun & easy projects.
You can find all the tutorials over on my blog.
I also have a fun link party on Wednesdays. 
Would LOVE to have you drop by!

Hope to see YOU soon! Thank you, Kaysi for having me over! Hope your trip is wonderful!


Ginger said...

Thanks for having me over, Kaysi. :) Hope you are having a wonderful trip.

Ginger @

Melinda said...

How cool and fun is this? Quick question though, would it work on ink jet printed photos?!?

Ginger said...

I guess it would depend if the ink was waterproof or not. Not sure if the mod modge would smear the ink if it wasn't. I just used regular photos with mine.

How to Nest for Less said...

Great job, Ginger! I need to make some of these PRONTO!

Jody said...

Oooh, that IS easy. Thanks Ginger and thanks Kaysi! You are both so clever.

Dawn said...

When you put the picture on the canvas is it photo side up or down? I have seen it both ways but using different tools.