Saturday, January 28, 2012

Just Me....

Lately I have realized that I am not very personable with this blog.  I'm mostly just sharing crafts and that's about it.  I have a family blog that I update regularly but I've decided that I'm going to post more about me and my family.  As long as you don't object.  I know that I love reading about other people's stories and about their lives, so maybe someone will want to know something about mine (it's not super exciting, trust me.).  So Saturdays are going to be more personal, not craft related posts.  So the first one I thought that I do some random facts about me and what makes me tick....

Here's a picture of me because it's weird to write a post without a picture.....

So here is goes.  Hopefully I won't scare away too many people.... :).  To be honest, I'm a little nervous about putting myself out there....
-I am Kaysi (that one was easy :))
-I am a mother of four cute and awesome kids, ages almost 7,5,3, and 1
-I have been married to an amazing man for 8 1/2 years.
-I am the youngest of 9 kids.  Because we grew up in the same town, when I got to high school, I got the whole "not another Newton" a lot.  I try really hard to be different, to stand out because of it.
-I'm a busy body.  I like to be busy and doing things.  That is why this blog has been great for me, it gives me something to do and always keeps my mind active.
-I can be very out going but at the same time I can be very shy.  Lately I have been more shy than out going.
-I hate taking pictures of myself.  One of the hardest things for me is having the confidence to post a picture of myself in something that I've made.
-I love chocolate.  Sometimes it is what gets me through the days.
-I am a runner.  That is what I did in high school and I still love doing it now.  I really hope to run a full marathon this summer.
-I really stink at writing.  I'm sure you've noticed it. I have awesome ideas in my head but I can not get them out with words.  Oh and I don't proof read at all, sorry for the mistakes, I'm usually in a hurry because I have one or two kids pulling at me.
-I love being with people.  If I had a choice of staying at home or hanging out with people, I would always pick hanging out.
-I don't like cleaning.  I don't like how it's a constant job.  I can have the whole house clean in the morning but by afternoon it will look like I haven't done a thing.
-I have always loved kids.  I wanted to have 8 before I got married.  That number has dropped significantly since having kids.
-I am Mormon and love it!
-I'm not very girlie.  I rarely do my hair or make-up, really I just do myself up on Sunday.  The rest of the week I'm too lazy.
-My 10 year high school reunion is this year.... that's a little crazy to me
-I'm totally a beginner when it comes to sewing.  I had someone ask for me to give sewing tips and tell what the different settings and foot pedals.  It made me laugh because I have no clue about them.
-I'm a night person.  Some days it really hard to get up at 8:00 in the morning.
-I'm a very simple person.  When I picked out my wedding dress, I remember loving it because it wasn't over the top.  It was very elegant and simple.  Plus it was one of a kind.
-I love to sing and dance, sometimes at the same time.  I used to be good at both, but now not so much.
-I love hiking with my family.
-I have a weird way of thinking.  I have taught myself to do lots of things (not so much the right way).  My family laughed at me when I told them when I count to 11 for a card game, I count 3, 3, 3, then 2 (equaling to 11)  instead of  counting from 1 to 11.  Strange, huh?
-I love all things crafty.  I might not be good at everything, but I'm definitely willing to try :).

Okay, that's probably enough for now.  If you've gotten this far, then you're awesome!  If this whole personal post thing is a ridiculous idea, please let me know.  Have a great weekend!



Amy K said...

Not ridiculous at all. Besides enjoying all the craftiness, it's great to get to know the gal behind the blog a little more.

Melissa said...

I think it's a great idea! Keep it up!

Danielle said...

Well, I might be biased, but of course I liked reading about you!

Melanie said...

I think it's a great idea!! I loved finding out that you are too! :)

Stevie @ MooreBabies said...

Very interesting:) Thanks for sharing!

Kristen said...

Its always fun to learn a little bit more about another craftter. Kaysi, you and I are alike in so many ways, I feel like we could be twins! Although I feel you are much more outgoing than I am. :)

Ms. Redo said...

I love to read about other peoples' lives, thanks for sharing with us! I always feel like my life is too boring, who would want to hear about that, but I may try getting a little more personal now and then, thanks for the inspiration. Hugs ~ Mary

Chance @ Designed by Chance said...

I love to learn more about the bloggers I read. I also find that you and I have things in common. I designed my wedding dress and made it very simple as well. people kept asking me if I wanted more stuff on it (had it made in India where they really go over the top).

nativetexangirl said...

I loved your post about you. It's nice to get to know you. I am not Mormon but believe in the Book of Mormon. I am RLDS. (They changed the name to Community of Christ but I still attend a congregation that uses the RLDS name.) I like crafts and grew up sewing. I love quilting the most now and am a grandmother. Just passed my 40 year high school reunion but didn't get to attend. I must be one of your older readers. LOL, Donna

Christy said...

I like reading about the person behind the blog. Thanks! Oh, and I'm the one that asked about sewing tips. lol ;)

Ginger said...

I think we have a lot in common. :) Love getting to know you better.

Tricia said...

My wedding dress was very simple, too, but I loved it for that reason!

Scrappy Gifts said...

Looking forward to getting to know you better! =)
I'm a night person too and way prefer sleep over getting ready to do my hair/make-up. Those are just a couple ways we're alike.