Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: Coat refashion

I have three boys and then my baby, a little girl :). Now that it's winter, I had to look for a coat for her. Then I saw that I had a little red jacket from my third boy. He barely used it, so I thought that I could use for her. The problem, whenever I put her in a "boy" color, people call her a boy. So I had to make it look girly and cute for her!!

This is how I made it:
1) I took the little red jacket.

2) Using my new CAMEO,  I cut out the flowers out of the heat transfer vinyl. The settings I used were: 1 blade, 8 speed and 14 thickness. I used colors: apple green, silver, white and pink from Expressions Vinyl.

3) I used a flower that had a inner flower and then the outline. So I peeled out the inner flower.

4) The inner flower didn't have plastic with it. So I used the multi-use paper when I ironed it on.

5) I then started to layer the flower, using the multi use paper each time I ironed it.

6) Next I put on the outline of the flowers onto the jacket.

Here is all the flowers on it, so cute, huh?

I felt like it needed some bling, so I added some rhinestones to it. To do that, I used the rhinestone starter kit.

7) I cut out the blue specialty paper with my CAMEO. I set the blade to a 3 and the thickness of 33.

8) Next I peeled off the back and placed it onto the backer board.

9) I then filled it with the rhinestones.

10) I placed the transfer paper onto it and pressed hard to make sure that all of the rhinestones came up.

11) I then ironed the rhinestones onto the jacket. Using the wool setting, I ironed it for 45 seconds.

12) Then I ironed the inside of the jacket, to set the glue.

I made another flower for the other side. I used the same blue paper and transfer tape as the first one.

And now she has a super cute and girly jacket!

Hopefully no one will think that she is a boy in this..... oh maybe someone will because she has been wearing purple and pink and still gets mistaken as a boy.....

I loved how much my daughter's coat turned out, I decided to do the same thing to a jacket I found at Ross for $3 (it had a tiny whole that I covered up with the heat transfer).
 I used glitter heat transfer from Craft Vinyl on mine and I love it!!  Sometimes it's fun to sparkle :)


Shantalle said...

If I had a Cameo I would never do ANYTHING else. So cute! I'm a new follower from www.lifestylesofthestayathomemom.com

" me " said...

well done ! beautiful result !

Michelle said...

What darling redos! Scoring a cheap jacket and covering a hole with cute flowers, making it even cuter, is genius. This would work on my kids' stained sweatshirts, as well. Great idea.

Jan@southernjunkin' said...

Cute cute! The baby's jacket looks like one from Osh Kosh!!

Crafty Mischief said...

This is adorable!