Friday, February 24, 2012

Soulmates Review

It's the end of February and I'm sooooo ready for spring!!  I'm so ready to be able to send my kids out in the back yard without have to bundle them up.  I'm especially ready for warm weather so I can wear flip flops again!!  I cannot stand shoes.  Really, it's not the shoes that I don't like, it's the socks.  Socks drive me crazy!!  Especially washing them, they always seem to get lost and folding them takes longer than washing them.  Anyway, I lost my train of though.  Oh yes, flip flops!!  It's about that time of year again and I'm so excited to be able to wear these super cute pair from Solemate Sandals!!

Solemates Sandals
They have a ton of super cute "mates" that are interchangeable for their sandals.   The best part about them, they have three buttons, so they will not fall off (I've lost some from another type of sandals before.

One pair of sandals with lots of different mates, so much fun!!!  

There are several mates to chose from.  They even have little girls!!
“Amore” Mate – Solemates Sandals “Island Blooms” Mate – Solemates Sandals “Free Spirit” Mate – Solemates Sandals
“High Tide” Mate – Solemates Sandals Kids Giggles Mate Kids Star Bright Mate

Go head over to Solemate Sandals and find a pair of flip flops so you can wear them this spring!!



K said...

AWWWW, loving your matching nails!!!! :) :) :) great flip flops!! cant wait for sumemr to come to norway so i can wear some myself!

love K

Emily said...

SO FUN! Oh, use baby diaper pins to pin pairs of socks in the wash. You need a lot of pins with kids, but I never lose any! I learned this tip from my mom and it totally works and saves money... no more buying new socks :o)

Scrappy Gifts said...

Those look so fun and cute!! Love your nails too. I'm not a big fan of socks either...I love flats and wedges too along with flip flops.