Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Tutorial Tuesday: T-shirt dress

Happy Valentine's Day!!! I hope that you are feeling loved today and I hope that everyone has a super hot date tonight, I do! :)

Now that Valentine's Day is over and Easter is a month away, I can start working on somethings that I have wanted to do for awhile now. Like this dress, I have wanted to do this since October but I have been busy doing other crafts since then.

So this next month or so I'm going to try really hard to not spend any money on my crafts. I spent all of my spending money on the cruise, so I'm going to have to use what I have. We'll see what I come up with :)

Now onto this dress for my little girl.

This is how I made it:
1) I took a shirt (it was a size small in girls) and 1/2 yard of fabric.
2) I cut the sleeves
3) I made the sleeves shorter and the shoulder smaller.
4) I then made the shirt smaller, but I still made it A-line.
5) I put the sleeve into the hole, and then sewed the sleeves back on.

Here are the sleeves back onto the shirt.
6) The shirt was a little long, so I cut off the bottom.
Next for the pleats at the bottom.
7) I cut two strips, 5"x45"
8) I folded the fabric in half and ironed it.
9) Then I ironed the fabric to make pleats.
10) I put the pleats under the shirt and sewed it on.
11) I then made another pleated strip (I cut the fabric 2"x45") for a flower. I sewed it onto the shirt.
12) I made a rosette with the extra shirt fabric and then glued it into the center.
13) I added a little tie in the middle.
And now she has a fun and comfy dress!!
Isn't she so cute?!



Horváth Emerencia said...

Happy Valentine's day,too!

camp and cottage living said...

So adorable-your daughter and the dress!

Terrie said...

Sweet girl and pretty remake.

Misty @Creative Itch said...

Cute dress!! And I love that you re-used a shirt that you already had on hand!

Dan Shaw said...

Somebody is a little ham. Nice remake and craftwork.

Terri @ A Creative Princess said...

She's adorable, Kaysi, and what a cute little dress! Her little feet and toes just made me smile!

Sunny Vanilla said...

So cute! I know how much work these tutorials can be and you put together an awesome one! Thanks for the inspiration. Your daughter is a doll.

Found you over at 733 :-)

Christine said...

Would you PRETTY PLEASE post this on my blog?

I just LOVE LOVE the dress!!

Christine said...

HAHAHAHAHA I just saw that you did post it!!!

Thanks sooooo much!

nurse blossom said...

Love it. So cute I have 4 girls and am always looking for good ideas,

CJAYMom said...

What a wonderful idea!!! I want to try this for my daughter.

Carrie said...

How fun! I love it and what a great tutorial! Thank you for sharing it at Sharing Saturday!! WE hope you will share with us again this week.

Lindsay said...

I love this! What an adorable dress! You are very creative, I am enjoying your blog so much!

Alison @ Oopsey Daisy said...

Wow--this is SO SO cute! The colors are darling, and I love that you made this from a t-shirt! So smart!

Copycat Queen said...

Adorable!! The dress but especially the baby girl!!