Friday, March 2, 2012

Guest Post: The NY Melrose Family

I'm starting to have guest bloggers again on my blog!!  I felt like I was writing too much lately and not featuring you guys as much.  So if you want to do a guest post for me, please email me at

Today I'm excited to have Jenny from The NY Melrose Family, she has a super cute blog and you should go check out when you're done reading this fun tutorial!

I am so excited to be guest posting here!  My name is Jenny and I am a teacher mommy.  I love using  The NY Melrose Family as an opportuntiy to share our family's love and life through diy decorating, crafts and organization.  I often have a wonderful assistant in the majority of my projects.  My little munchkin is a two year old diy-er.  She inspires me to make the most of our time together and many of our projects become ways to remember the times we spent.
I am here to share our scrapbooked wall tiles for our Mud Room Closet Transformation.  I started out with quarter inch plywood, which was leftover from my Sports Puppy Plaques.  I was left with three pieces, which I had the wonderful guy from Home Depot cut down so that I ended up with three 2" x 8" pieces and three 2" x 4" pieces.  I wanted to use the pieces to spell out FAMILY, which is where my focus has been lately.
Riley and I stained the outside of the pieces so that it would look finished when it was hanging on the wall.

I decided I wanted to use scrapbook paper for the background and the letters.  I free handed the letters onto the scrapbook paper.

Once I cut them out, I realized that you could see the pencil marks.  (Don't worry about this because the Mod Podge is going to cover this up.)

I then took my pieces and traced them onto the scrapbook paper that was going to be the background.

I alternated the paper for each of the letters.  I used spray adhesive to glue the pieces down.  The spray adhesive does not bubble, but you need to make sure that you use it in a well ventilated area.

The letters were placed down using Mod Podge on the bottom and top of the letters.  (This is where the pencil lines went away.)

I hammered on sawtooth hangers onto the back of each tile.  The package said to tap it into the wood, but I definitely had to hammer it on down.

Once the hangers were down I got out my trusty Crest toothpaste to make sure that the pieces were level.  I found this trick just the other day from Somewhat Simple.  When she used the toothpaste she was using it on hooks so I wasn't quite sure if this would work because I needed to place the toothpaste below the sawtooth hanger.  Once I had a good glob of toothpaste on there, I simply pressed the tile onto the wall where I wanted to hang it.

Voila!  The toothpaste stayed on the wall.  Minty fresh and straight!

I put the nail into the center of the toothpaste and then cleaned up the toothpaste.

I couldn't even get over how easy it was.  I, normally, never hang pictures because I am terrible at it, but this made it so easy!

There it is in all of its glory! 

Every time I open that closet it makes me smile because I think of my beautiful family.  I am so blessed!  I'd like to thank all of Kaysi's readers for letting me share a project that is close to my heart!

Thanks for that fun post Jenny.  I love the colors that she picked!!