Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Color Me Rad 5K GIVEAWAY

I'm a runner.  That's what I did and loved in high school.  And I was pretty good at it.  Then I had some babies and that is what I did to get the weight off.  I actually ran 3 half marathons.  Then I had my fourth baby and I really haven't run since.  I did a little 10K in October but nothing since then.  I just can't get motivated to get out and run.  I love it and I love how I feel when I run, but I'm too lazy to get out and do it.  My husband is gone from 6:20am-5:30pm.  So in order for me to run I would have to get up at 5:45am (that's not going to happen) or I have to run after dinner (and my stomach doesn't like that).  What I need is some motivation to run.  I have to sign up for a race and then that gets me motivated.  

Well I heard about Color Me Rad.  
Color Me Rad
And then I saw that they had a race in UTAH!!!  It's on April 28th in Orem, UT
I got super excited.  This looks like a super fun race!!  So I found my race, I signed up and now I'm going to train to run it.  No more excuses!!  I'm going to get out and run and get healthy again!!

What is it you ask?  Well it's a race where every 1K, they shoot out a colored corn starch onto you.  So you look this at the end:

Doesn't it look like so. much. fun?  I'm seriously super excited about it!!  I can't wait to get all colorful!  

It's only a 5K (3.1 miles), so YOU can do it, especially if you start training now!

Do you want to run this super fun and awesome race?  One lucky winner is going to get a pass to the Utah race!! 

What to win?  Here's how to enter:
1) Follow KIS by GFC, facebook or email
2) Like Color Me Rad on facebook
3) Blog, tweet or facebook about this giveaway.  

Please leave a separate comment for each entry.  This giveaway will end on Tuesday, April 10th at 12:00 pm

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Kari @ The Purple Quiltapotamus said...

Oh my GOODNESS!!! That looks like a beyond awesome race - we totally need a race like that where I live.

I can't enter since I'm nowhere near Utah, but I just wanted to say GOOD LUCK!

KaseyQ said...

That looks so fun!! I just took up running a few years ago. My husband ran a 10k and I went and I just loved the atmosphere and I got inspired to do it myself. So I started training...then I had a baby. Then I started training again, and went from being unable to run for a mile to running the whole 6.2 straight! I ran it again last year after I had my 3rd. I am currently expecting #4 and I'm hoping I can get in shape soon after the little one is born in July because there's a 5k at the end of September that I'd love to run.

My husband is usually gone from 5:30am until sometime after 6 (before 8 if I'm lucky) so I know what you mean. One thing that's worked well for me is to find a friend (or a few) and take my kids to their house or have their kids come to mine and we take turns watching the kids while the other one runs. It's nice too because we get a change of scenery. I also had a few friends who would meet me at a local high school track on Saturday mornings (like 7:30 or 8am!) and we'd run or walk at our own pace or together. That's when I'd do my long runs, because it was easier to track my mileage.

Good luck!! I'll be cheering for you from across the country!

Leanne said...

I follow KIS on facebook and GFC

Leanne said...

I like Color Me Rad on facebook.

Kitty From A Law Student's Journey said...

My sister and I have been debating on which one to go to!!
I'm a follower!

Kitty From A Law Student's Journey said...

And I liked!

Alyssa said...

I liked on Facebook!

Alyssa said...

I follow Via GFC (as Sauriola)

Nancy's Couture said...

Follow KIS via GFC

Nancy's Couture said...

Follow via FB
Nancy Brumfield

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I like Color Me Rad on FB
Nancy Brumfield

Staci said...

I am your follower!!!

Staci said...

I liked them!!!

Staci said...

I posted them on my FB page.