Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Little Glimpse

Happy Saturday everyone!!!  I hope that everyone is having a great weekend!!  

This week was a crazy one.  There is something about May, it's one of the craziest months (right after December).  With all of the school programs and it seems like we are just going.  This week we had two of our son's "graduate". 

 My 5 year old had his last day of preschool (ever!) on Thursday.  I can't believe that he is going to be in kindergarten next year!!  His graduation was awesome, it was filled with lots of singing and dancing.  I loved watching him!

My three year old had a cute little ceremony celebrating the year.  It's so fun to see a bunch of 3 year olds running around!

On top of the two graduations, my parents came down to visit from Boise and my sister and her daughter came from WY.  It's so awesome to be around family!!  We took them on the train down to SLC and then my mom and I went to that awesome warehouse sale at My Memories (that was her reason for coming!!).  

My husband takes his first CPA exam this Tuesday, so he is going to be studying all weekend.  Any ideas of what to do with 4 crazy kids?  :)



notyet100 said...

That's so cute,,

Melissa said...

Ah - CPA teating ... I remember that time all too well. My husband has been a lisenced CPA for almost 4 years now. Good luck to your husband! And congrats to u=your cute little kiddos who "graduated". :)