Thursday, May 17, 2012

Making Memories Warehouse Sale!!!

I just got back from the Making Memories Ware House Sale and it was amazing!!!  If you live near Utah you HAVE TO GO!!!  It goes on until tomorrow (Friday) at 5:00 and there is a ton of stuff.  Most everything is $.25-$1.00 and they are normally go for $3-$10.

The sign says it goes until the 17th, but they are having it tomorrow too
 And it's not all scrapbooking stuff!!!  There is a ton of things that us crafters can use.

 Here is what I got and all of this was about $40!!!  I can't wait to make some awesome things with it all!



The sale doesn't end until 7:00 tonight so you still have time to go today.  But you don't want to miss this sale!



The Fischer Family said...

So jealous of your haul!! You got some awesome stuff!!

Pat Newton said...

I'm ready to go back--too bad it's 5 hours away! I am still on a high from all the neat stuff I got. If you go back today Kaysi, let me know and I'll give you a list of what more I want. That was soooo fun--too bad it's only once a year!

Karen McClure said...

I am hunting for Making Memories little letters: vagabond style in royal blue and dark green AND dot green. Do you have any ideas where I might find them or does MM ever work with an individual customer for something like this?