Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Slice Fabrique Cutter

Do you remember when I told you about that Making Memories sale?  While I was there, I learned about their awesome paper/fabric cutter called Slice.  I had never heard about it until I went that day.  I saw a video there  of I women sitting outside and cutting fabric.  That really got my attention.  So I looked into it a little more.  It’s a cordless cutting machine!!! 
Here are the fun things I got from that sale!! 
slice applique onesie (1)
The Slice is a hand held machine that has little card with designs.  Each card has a font and then lots of different designs.  This one is called Dilly Dally and it’s adorable!!!
slice applique onesie (2)
My friend just had a baby a couple of weeks ago, so I wanted to try out the Slice with fabric.  And I was super impressed!!  It is super cute and does a great job cutting!
slice applique onesie (15)
This is how I made it
I took the fusible webbing and cut it to 6x6.  I did the same thing to my fabric.
slice applique onesie (3)
Then I place the fabric onto the rough side of the webbing and then I ironed the fabric onto it.
slice applique onesie (4)
Next I took my glass mat and sprayed the adhesive onto it.   Then I let it dry for 1 minute. 
slice applique onesie (5)
Next I placed the fabric onto the mat.
slice applique onesie (6)
I place the Slice onto the fabric.  I got the hands free kit, there is a strong magnet that I put onto the Slice and it holds it down, it’s really cool!
slice applique onesie (7)
Using the Dilly Dally card, I found a cute flower to cut out.  I got my setting all ready and then cut it out.
slice applique onesie (9)
Here’s the machine in action. I was super shocked by how fast it cut it, it only took about 30 seconds and it’s super quiet!
slice applique onesie (8)
Here it is all cut out, nice and clean cut.
slice applique onesie (10)
I ironed that onto the onesies.
slice applique onesie (11)
I wanted to put the baby’s name onto the onesies, using the Applique design card, I used those letters.
slice applique onesie (12)
And here is the name all cut out.
slice applique onesie (13)
I ironed on the name.
slice applique onesie (14)
I then sewed around everything, to make sure it doesn’t come off.
slice applique onesie (15)
Super cute and easy!!!
The Slice does more than just cut fabric (it even cuts felt!), it cuts paper too!!  It's a fun machine and I'm excited to use it on some more projects!!  


eltocadordecenicienta said...

I have never heard of such a wonderfull machiche!!!!! I´m really impressed whith the lovely work you did, your friend must be sooo delighted.
I´m gonna check their web, but i feel it will be too spensive for me, anyway thanks for sharing the tuto!!!
XOXO Olga♥
El tocador de Cenicienta

Cindy said...

Very nice! What a cute project to give to your friend.

Kelley @ said...

Oh wow.. too cool!

Motivated Mommy of two said...

wow that is so cool