Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cafe Bella Rue

One of my favorite things about Utah are all of the amazing restaurants.  One of my favorite ones that I have gone to is called Café Bella Rue (formally known as San Gelato Café) in Daybreak, South Jordan.  I have been there a several time and each time I go it has been a good experience! 
The food is excellent, the restaurant is clean and workers are always so friendly and helpful!
cafe bella rue (14)
We took the family out for the dinner.   I’m always hesitate to take all four of my kids to a play without a play place because they are so crazy!  But they were so excited to get there are see couches!  The sitting area was great for them.  I let my oldest check out their kids menu, while the other three were nice and comfortable. 
cafe bella rue (3)
cafe bella rue (6)
I was so excited to see that they had a kids’ meal that came with a drink and a cone!!  My kids loved the pizza and the super cool bench and table we sat at!
cafe bella rue (11)
My husband and I love sandwiches, so we both got one.  I got the turkey avocado and I ate every single bite!  It was delicious!
 cafe bella rue (13)
My husband got the French dip!  I tried it and almost ate half of his sandwich because I couldn’t put it down!
cafe bella rue (12)
After dinner, we had to get some of the awesome gelato!  This is the first place I ever tried gelato and now I’m hooked!  They have a ton of flavors to pick from too! 
cafe bella rue (18)
As you can tell, all of my kids were super excited about their cones!! 
cafe bella rue (25) cafe bella rue (22) cafe bella rue (20) cafe bella rue (27)
My husband and I got to try out their new festivos!!  And they were soooooo good!!  Seriously, it was just right blend of flavors.  They are made with the gelato and soft serve gelato (the only place in Utah to have soft serve!). 
This one is called the Mardi Gras Festivo and it’s has:
Pistachio Gelato layered with Heath Bar Crumbles & Caramel Sauce Topped with Caramel Sea Salt Gelato
cafe bella rue (30)
This one is called Chocolate Trifle Festivo and it has:
Triple Chocolate Gelato layered with Red Velvet Bundt Cake topped with Tahitian Vanilla & Belgian Chocolate Gelato Swirl covered with Chocolate Sprinkles
cafe bella rue (31)
We took our ice cream outside and let the kids play in the splash pad that is just right by the restaurant!  We sat and enjoyed our desserts and then kids got to play!  It was great and they all had a blast!
cafe bella rue (49)
We had such a great family evening!  Dinner, dessert and entertainment!!  It was definitely worth the drive!

If you go to Yelp or Urban Spoon, you can get a discount to Cafe Bella Rue!
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Scrappy Gifts said...

YUM! I think we have similar tastes. Well I really just love food so I'd try almost anything =). I love avocado and the Chocolate Trifle Festivo sounds amazing!

Motivated Mommy of two said...

All that food looks delicious