Friday, June 15, 2012

Father’s Day Shirt

Did you know that Father’s Day is THIS Sunday??  Yeah, me either!!  Well I did, but then I forgot.  So I made this shirt TODAY!!!  Luckily it was super easy and quick to do!!  Plus it got my kids involved and they got to make something for their Dad!! 
I like making shirts for my husband with my kid’s handprints.  So when I saw this idea last year, I decided to do it this year!

father's day shirt (1)
I took a shirt that I got from Hobby Lobby.  It was only $2.40 with the coupon!
father's day shirt (4)
Using a paint brush, I painted my kids’ hands.  That way I could get a nice even coat rather than them putting their hand in the paint.  My 1 year old was super excited to do this even, she watched my boys do it and was excited when it was her turn!
father's day shirt (5)
Then they placed their hands on the back of the shirt.
father's day shirt (6)
Using heat transfer from Expressions Vinyl, I cut out the words. 
father's day shirt (7)
I wanted to put the names on the handprints so we knew who’s they were.  Plus I wanted to iron the paint so it would set better.
father's day shirt (8)
Then I ironed on the words in the front.
father's day shirt (9)
And now I have a shirt for my husband to wear!!
father's day shirt (1)
father's day shirt (2)

father's day shirt (3)